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The "Mein Randstad" App for employees on customer assignments is a game changer in the Randstad work routine. This app provides information and convenience to employees wherever and whenever they need it. With the help of the "Mein Randstad" App, electronic processes are made even simpler. Employees can easily access their electronic time tracking, view their vacation and time accounts, request new absences, and retrieve their salary statements online. Additionally, the app keeps employees up to date with the latest news from Randstad through the news section. Communication is also made easier with the chat function, allowing employees to connect quickly with their consultant and the branch.

Features of Mein Randstad:

- Easy access to information and convenience: The "Mein Randstad" App provides employees with easy access to information and tools that can make their workdays more convenient, no matter where they are or when they need it.

- Simplified electronic processes: With the help of the app, employees can easily navigate electronic processes, such as time tracking, viewing vacation and time balances, and requesting absences.

- Online access to pay statements: Employees can conveniently access their pay statements online through the app, eliminating the need for paperwork or physical copies.

- Communication with consultants made easy: The app offers a chat function that enables employees to communicate quickly and easily with their assigned consultant. This feature streamlines communication and allows for efficient problem-solving.

- Stay informed with the latest news: Through the app's news feature, employees can stay up to date with the latest announcements from Randstad. This ensures that they are always informed about important updates and changes.

- Enhanced communication with the branch: The app also facilitates communication with the local branch office, making it easier for employees to connect with their branch and resolve any administrative issues or concerns.


"Mein Randstad" App is a user-friendly and convenient tool for employees in customer service. It offers various features that simplify electronic processes, improve communication with consultants and the branch, and provide easy access to important information and updates. Downloading the app will undoubtedly enhance productivity and streamline daily operations.