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Introducing Vibaga, the ultimate app for students in Sri Lanka to ace their exams. With Vibaga, you have access to a vast collection of past papers that you can practice for free. This app is designed to help you identify your weak points and improve yourself. The best part? You can attempt the papers again and again until you perfect your skills. No matter where you are, as long as you have your mobile phone with you, you can prepare for your exams on the go. So whether you're traveling or staying at home, Vibaga has got you covered. With a simple login/sign up process, you can start practicing right away, without any hassle. And if you change your exam preferences, no worries! You can easily switch to another examination whenever you want. Once you've completed a paper, the app provides you with a detailed analysis of your results, including your grade, errors, and even error-corrections. You can also check your progress and see overall statistics to track your improvement. The best part? The app allows unlimited attempts to answer an exam paper, saving your marks, grades, and results for each attempt on a separate basis. So you can easily reattempt a paper and monitor your progress. Currently, Vibaga offers a wide range of subjects, including Science, Commerce & Arts, Technology, and even G.C.E. O/L subjects. And if you don't find your preferred subject, don't worry! The app is constantly updating and adding more papers for other subjects. So stay tuned for more exciting features and subject options. With Vibaga, you can practice anytime, anywhere, and perfect your exam preparation. Don't miss out on this incredible app - start practicing with Vibaga today!

Features of Vibaga:

> Free practice of past papers for students in Sri Lanka: Vibaga App offers students in Sri Lanka the opportunity to practice past papers for exams without any cost. This is an invaluable resource for students aiming to improve their exam performance.

> Identify and improve weak points: The app is developed to help students identify their weak points and improve themselves. By practicing papers repeatedly, students can enhance their understanding of difficult concepts and perform better in exams.

> Convenience of on-the-go preparation: Whether you are traveling or staying at home, you can prepare for your exams with Vibaga App. As long as you have your mobile phone with you, you can conveniently access and practice past papers anytime and anywhere.

> User-friendly interface: The app provides a user-friendly interface with easy login/sign-up options. You can even try the app without logging in, making it hassle-free to get started.

> Detailed feedback and progress tracking: Once you complete answering an exam paper, the app provides you with detailed results and grading. You can view your grade, errors made, and their corrections. Overall statistics are also available to track your progress.

> Unlimited attempts and saved progress: The app allows unlimited attempts to answer exam papers, and all marks, grades, and results are saved separately for each attempt. You can pause and resume the exam paper, as well as save papers to attempt them at a later time.


Vibaga App is the ultimate tool for students in Sri Lanka to excel in their exams. With its free access to past papers, students can practice without any financial burden. The app's user-friendly interface enables convenient preparation on the go, making it accessible to students no matter where they are. Detailed feedback and progress tracking ensure that students can identify their weak areas and improve. With unlimited attempts and saved progress, students can practice as much as they want and track their improvement over time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your exam performance - download Vibaga App now!