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Introducing the Employee App, the ultimate tool for seamless communication and collaboration within your team, whether it's your company, association, club, or community. This app revolutionizes the way all generations connect and stay informed, combining the convenience of online and mobile accessibility. With a user-friendly interface, it ensures transparent sharing of knowledge across departments, service areas, and hierarchy levels. Forget about privacy concerns as the app provides secure, encrypted communication and stores all data on trusted German servers, guaranteeing the protection of your valuable information. Download the app now and experience a unified and efficient workflow like never before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your team's interactions!

Features of Secure communication app:

- Centralized Communication and Collaboration: The app brings together all the communication and collaboration needs of your team in one place, making it convenient and efficient for users to stay connected.

- Easy Accessibility: Users of all generations can quickly access the app via online and mobile platforms, ensuring that everyone stays updated and informed.

- Transparent Knowledge Sharing: The app allows for transparent knowledge sharing among team members. Different departments, service areas, and hierarchy levels are organized, ensuring that information reaches the right people.

- Secure Data Storage: All data generated by employees is stored on German servers that comply with the ISO 27001 and EU-GDPR standards. This ensures the safety and privacy of sensitive information.

- Encrypted Messaging: The app offers messaging features similar to WhatsApp and Facebook, but with enhanced security measures. The content is encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection.

- No External Data Marketing: Unlike other apps, the employee app does not engage in external marketing activities using the data generated by employees. This guarantees that user information remains confidential and not exploited for marketing purposes.


Experience seamless communication and collaboration with the employee app. Stay connected with your team effortlessly as the app brings together all your communication needs in one place. With easy accessibility and transparent knowledge sharing, whether you're part of a company, association, club, or community, this app ensures that important information reaches you in a timely manner. Rest assured that your data is stored securely on German servers, complying with strict privacy standards. Say goodbye to external data marketing and enjoy the benefits of encrypted messaging. Download now to simplify your team's communication and enhance productivity.