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Introducing the Smart BTW App: The Smart BTW App is a comprehensive test preparation tool that offers thousands of practice questions for various types of CAT ONLINE-based tests used in the selection process of official schools, state universities, CPNS, and various professional competency exams. With the SmartBTW App, you can access the questions from anywhere, on any device, and receive real-time exam/simulation results. The app also provides a progress report card to track your learning outcomes and national ranking to measure your achievements. Additionally, there is a discussion feature that allows you to study and engage with the questions anytime, anywhere. Download the SmartBTW App now to boost your chances in official school admissions, state universities, CPNS, and professional competency exams. This app is also available for offline registration for face-to-face tutoring sessions. SmartBTW was developed by a group of prominent university alumni and official school alumni, ensuring the highest quality of content and preparation. Click here to download the SmartBTW App and start your journey towards success.

Features of the Smart BTW App:

- Thousands of practice questions: The app contains a wide variety of practice questions for CAT online-based tests used in the selection process of official schools, state universities, CPNS, and professional competency exams.

- Online and Support All Device: The app can be accessed from anywhere using 3G/4G smartphones, tablets, and computers with an internet connection.

- Real-time Exam/Simulation Results: After completing the questions in each module, immediate scores are provided, allowing users to determine their passing grade.

- Report Cards: The app provides a progress report on learning outcomes, helping users gauge their level of compliance and graduation.

- National Ranking: Users can measure their achievements by viewing the national ranking of all Smart BTW participants.

- Discussion of Questions: The app includes a discussion feature that allows users to access and study the questions at any time and from anywhere.


The SmartBTW app offers a comprehensive platform for individuals preparing for various selection exams, including official schools, state universities, CPNS, and professional competency exams. With its vast database of practice questions, users can enhance their knowledge and test their skills. The app's features like real-time exam results, report cards, and national rankings provide valuable feedback and motivation to users. Additionally, the convenience of accessing the app online from any device makes it user-friendly and accessible. The inclusion of a discussion feature further enhances the learning experience. Overall, the Smart BTW app is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to excel in competitive exams and improve their chances of success. Click here to download the app now.



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