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Discover the ultimate Malaysia Calendar - Calendar2U, packed with all the information you need for a memorable year! This interactive app features traditional calendars for the years 2015-2025, highlighting Malaysia's public and school holidays. Plus, explore long weekends, lunar calendars (Hijri and Chinese Lunar), and even Chinese zodiac information. With easy pan and zoom capabilities, you can effortlessly navigate through the calendar and take notes on important dates. Want to filter holidays by state or learn about non-holiday festivals? It's all included! Stay up to date with civil servant pay schedules, school holidays, and exciting events happening in Malaysia. Don't miss out – download the Malaysia Holiday Calendar app now and plan your year like never before.

Features of Malaysia Calendar - Calendar2U:

* Interactive Calendars: Easily access traditional interactive calendars for multiple years, including 2024 and the years between * Stay updated on all of Malaysia's public and school holidays, with the option to view long weekends for *

* Lunar Calendar: Gain insights into various lunar calendars, including Hijri, Tamil, Chinese lunar, and Chinese zodiac information. Stay connected with important cultural events and celebrations.

* Calendar Pan and Zoom: Enjoy a user-friendly experience with the ability to pan and zoom within the calendar. Effortlessly navigate through dates and events.

* Note Taking Feature: Stay organized by adding personal notes to the calendar. Easily jot down important reminders or appointments for future reference.

* Customization Options: Tailor the app to your preferences with the option to hide or show Hijri, Chinese Lunar, and Horse Racing icons in the interactive calendars. Customize the app layout to suit your needs.

* Calendar Information: Filter Malaysia holidays by state, ensuring you have access to province-specific information. Get insight into Malaysia's non-holiday festivals and Chinese 24 solar terms.


Malaysia Calendar - Calendar2U provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for Malaysians. With interactive calendars, lunar insights, customization options, and detailed calendar information, this app is a must-have for anyone wishing to stay connected with Malaysia's holidays, festivals, and important events. Download now to plan ahead and make the most of your holidays and weekends.



  • Latest few versions are buggy. Going into the months problems because dates in months will disappear.
    2024-05-19 06:28:07
  • Good app,very usefull. But kalau tambah widget features letak kat main screen lagi awesome. Anyway, highly recommend
    2024-05-19 04:00:11
  • Easy to use. It is just like the traditional paper format, clear and concise.
    2024-05-18 22:09:18
  • Hi, thanks for the good app created. Can I add this calendar as widget on my Samsung phone home screen?
    2024-05-18 21:51:15
  • Would be better if there are widgets. Easy to access it. Preferably, 3 or 4 styles.
    2024-05-18 10:23:54
  • Please provide a widget or link to phone calendar. Very good information on malaysia events and public holidays. Thanks
    2024-05-18 07:53:35