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Introducing the Document Scanner - PDF Creator, an app that allows you to scan your documents anytime, anywhere. With features like automatic/manual scan enhancement, smart cropping, and optimization options, your scanned documents will look professional and sharp. You can organize your scanned docs into folders, share them as PDF/JPEG files, and even print or fax them directly from the app. The app also offers cloud storage integration, QR code/barcode scanning, and the ability to create and share scanned QR codes. Say goodbye to noisy and blurry scans as this app removes noise and enhances the quality of your old documents. Translate the app and contribute to its improvement by visiting the provided URL. Download now and enjoy the best document scanning experience on your phone.

Features of Document Scanner - PDF Creator:

- Scan your documents: The app allows you to easily scan your documents using your phone's camera.

- Enhance the scan quality automatically/manually: It offers advanced features to improve the quality of your scans, including smart cropping.

- Optimize your PDF: You can optimize your scanned documents into different modes such as black and white, lighten, color, and dark.

- Organize your documents: The app allows you to arrange your scanned documents in folders and subfolders for easy access.

- Share and print scanned documents: You can share your scanned documents as PDF or JPEG files and even print or fax them directly from the app.

- Translate the app: Document Scanner - PDF Creator provides an option for users to contribute to translation efforts, making it accessible to a wider range of users.


With its user-friendly interface, advanced scanning features, and the ability to organize, share, and print scanned documents, this app is a must-have for users looking for a convenient and efficient document scanning solution. Whether you need to scan documents on the go or enhance the quality of your scanned files, this app offers a range of features to meet your needs. Download now and experience the benefits of using a portable document scanner.



  • Really smooth and almost bug free.... There r lots of apps which do the same thing as it does.... But it has a lot more features and almost no bugs as far I've observed. It allows you to compress the pdf before saving it. There are lots of filter to make your doc attractive. There r no video ads, that's the best thing. Trust me I have scanned as many as 19 pages in just 5 minutes! It can automatically crop the handwritten page from useless background! It's AI is really good. Thanks!
    2024-04-02 03:56:59
  • Getting Worst and good experience. You guys should fix the following main issues 1. Can't Add more than one drive account. 2. Manytimes sync error message appears and partial documents are synchronized. 3. Report bug option doesn't work properly. It doesn't contains to select the attachment from any folder (ex.screenshot) other than camera folder only.
    2024-04-01 17:25:47
  • More than worthy buying over any of the expensive Main-Stream application like Adobe etc. Interface, features and its simplicity are amazing!! It has bit of a learning curve though if the person is new to such app as there is no tutorial provided. Best part about this app is it makes my photo scan look better than those cumbersome original scanners that too without even using the built-in features provided by the app. If you really want to unlock the True potential of the app than the paid version is even more better. I bought the premium version for the sake of it and ended up using it on daily basis. All my administrative work is being done by just on a click of a button. Weather it is adding your signature, changing the size of the page, changing the size of the scan etc. Everything is just perfect.
    2024-04-01 13:09:26
  • Great app but.... As someone else pointed out, moving files out of a folder is impossible. Cannot switch between folders once placed into one. The app scans very well at high quality. So far the best replacement for CamScanner. Need to fix the aesthetics a bit, and ability to move files and I will gladly purchase the Pro Version and give 5 Stars !
    2024-04-01 08:02:45
  • This app is good but except one thing, resolution of the scanned photo. It compresses the images so heavily that the quality of the output becomes terrible if I choose no filter. Even with the filters, it's not that good. I thought I can change the resolution in the setting. But there doesn't seem to be a way to stop autocompressing. Earlier versions were perfect.
    2024-03-30 17:47:31
  • Need an option to add margins to the images after editing / cropping them to adjust them to pre selected page sizes such as A4/ legal . or the images of any dimensional ratio after been cropped/ edited should be placed at the centre of selected page size A4/ legal etc with minimum selected margin size or greater. This will place all the images whether tall or wide at the centre of pages of fixed size A4 etc for the entire document.
    2024-03-30 12:13:27