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Samsung Max is the ultimate app for saving data and protecting your privacy. With just a click, you can block and restrict data-hungry apps, while enjoying all your favorite apps with up to 50% less data usage. See how much data each app uses and how much you've saved right from the main page. Plus, Samsung Max compresses all the images and videos that reach your device, giving you an extra layer of encryption and peace of mind. Browse securely and save big on your phone plan with the app. Download now and start saving!

Features of Samsung Max:

- Data savings: Samsung Max compresses all content before it reaches your device, allowing you to save up to 50% of data while using all your apps. This means you can browse, stream, and download without worrying about exceeding your data limit.

- Privacy protection: With this app, your information is protected through an additional layer of encryption. This ensures that your personal data and online activities remain secure and private.

- App management: The app allows you to see how much data each app uses, making it easy to identify and block apps that consume a lot of data. This helps you take control of your data usage and optimize your phone's performance.

- User-friendly interface: The app has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access its features. You can quickly view your data savings, manage app restrictions, and monitor your data usage all from the main page.

- Secure browsing: By routing your data through Samsung Max's servers, the app provides a safer browsing experience. It helps protect you from malicious websites and potential threats, ensuring that your online activities are shielded from harm.

- Cost-effective: By reducing your data usage, the app helps you save money on your phone plan. You can enjoy all the benefits of using your favorite apps while keeping your data costs in check.

In conclusion, Samsung Max is a powerful app that offers a range of features to help you save data, protect your privacy, and manage your app usage effectively. With its user-friendly interface and secure browsing capabilities, it is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their data usage and enhance their online privacy. Download now to start enjoying a more efficient and secure mobile browsing experience.



  • is good when it is about data savings, greatly costumable which is a great advantage, BUT and that is a huge factor here, this apps chews up on batterylife like nothing i've ever seen! about 20% for using it for about 15 minutes! sadly uninstalled it due to this problem.
    2024-02-10 12:21:37
  • the app doesnt work and I cant sign in my samsung accound , when I try to change location it loads forever and dooesnt change it
    2024-02-09 22:38:41
  • It's a shame that I have to buy this app just to block WhatsApp traffic on my phone. My Redmi note allows this as part of the phone's OS. I can't use other VPN or blocking software because on Samsung phones WhatsApp runs underneath the Google play services (!!). My life is so much better now that I can block and unlock WhatsApp traffic to my liking. No more distractions
    2024-02-09 16:31:08
  • vpn ok.Data no i miss many google docs in Whatapps. no knowing how. unsubscribed premium. always closed and upon reached monthly subscribtion. i will uninstall it. sorry..cannot use it. many apps hang.
    2024-02-09 16:23:36
  • I used the vpn protection from Samsung max and it cost me almost 6 gb of background data consumption by this app itself in just 90 minutes , however i just surfed around 400 mb of data on Uc browser and Instagram both. I'll be looking forward for a fix by samsung team ASAP. NOTE :- i didn't install this app from app store . It was preinstalled in my new J8 infinity.
    2024-02-09 15:29:34
  • Best feedback right here: 1.Allow turning off charge screen (PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE). 2.Optimise for better battery efficiency. 3.Remove ads in premium plan. 4.Please make it possible to save data and be protected without being connected to VPN all the time.
    2024-02-08 13:20:58