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Wifi Pass Calculate is a powerful network auditing app that allows you to easily calculate default WiFi passwords for various types of networks and routers. With the consent of the network owner, you can use this app to check the security of your own network or to troubleshoot connection issues. Simply select the network type and enter the known MAC address, and the app will generate the default password. Please note that if the password has been changed, the app will not be able to provide the correct password. Download Wifi Pass Calculate now to enhance your network security and connectivity.

Features of Wifi Pass Calculate:

- Calculates default WiFi passwords: The app can calculate the default passwords for various types of networks and routers, allowing users to easily connect to them.

- Network auditing: The app is designed for network auditing purposes, with the consent of the network owner. It helps users identify the security level of their own networks or networks they have permission to access.

- Easy to use interface: The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for users to connect to routers. It provides a clear message indicating whether the connection is successful or not.

- Signal level optimization: In case of connection failure due to weak signal, the app suggests copying the key and trying to connect from the phone's menu. This feature helps users troubleshoot connectivity issues.

- Wide network compatibility: Wifi Pass Calculate supports various networks, including INFINITUM, WLAN, JAZZTEL, Andared, Discus, DLink, Eircom, Infostrada, and Vodafone networks. It also supports networks outside of Spain.

- Reliable password calculation: The app uses known algorithms to calculate passwords, ensuring accuracy. If the password has been modified, the app will not return the correct password, indicating that the network is secure.


Wifi Pass Calculate is a powerful and reliable network auditing tool that offers a convenient way to calculate default WiFi passwords for different networks and routers. With its user-friendly interface and wide network compatibility, it provides an easy solution for users to connect to networks with the owner's consent. The app's signal level optimization feature further enhances the user experience. Download Wifi Pass Calculate now to effortlessly connect to WiFi networks and audit their security.