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Matchapp is the ultimate app for soccer enthusiasts in Spain. With a simple registration process that allows you to choose whether you're a player, referee, or fan, it gives you access to all the information you could ever want about both minor and major league soccer. Whether you're a die-hard fan of a specific team or simply love the sport, it has you covered. Stay up to date with your favourite team's news, game schedules, and even classification and scorers tables. No more struggling to keep track of regional divisions - Matchapp has it all. Say goodbye to searching through countless websites and sports papers - Matchapp is your one-stop source for everything soccer.

Features of Matchapp:

- Comprehensive soccer information: it provides access to all the information you need about both minor and major league soccer in Spain. From game schedules to classification tables, it covers everything.

- Personalized news updates: After registering on the app, you can specify whether you're a player, referee, or a fan. Based on your preference, it will deliver personalized news updates related to your favourite team or division.

- Easy scheduling management: Keeping up with the schedules of regional divisions can be challenging, but it makes it easy. With a dedicated tab, you can quickly find all the information about the game schedules of your favourite team, regardless of the division they belong to.

- Classification and scorers tables: Stay updated on the performance of your favourite team with its classification and scorers tables. Get real-time information on how your team is ranked and who the top scorers are, all in one place.

- Access to regional federations: it goes beyond just major leagues. You can also explore information about different regional federations, allowing you to delve into the soccer world at various levels.

- Exclusive information: You'll have access to information that can't be found on any other websites or sports papers. Stay ahead of the game with exclusive news, updates, and insights.


Matchapp is a must-have app for fans of minor and major league soccer in Spain. It not only provides comprehensive soccer information but also offers personalized news updates, easy scheduling management, and access to regional federations. With exclusive information that can't be found elsewhere, Matchapp is the ultimate companion for soccer enthusiasts. Click now to download and elevate your soccer experience.