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Kamus Bahasa Korea Offline is an offline application for translating words or sentences from Indonesian to Korean or vice versa. Internet connection is only required for the online translation feature, while the offline word translator can be used without internet. The app includes Copy and Share features that allow users to share translations to various apps or copy translation results. Additionally, it features Text to Speech functionality that enables users to listen to the pronunciation of words or sentences from the translation results. The search function within the app is also very fast. Download now!

Features of Kamus Bahasa Korea Offline

- Offline Translation: The app allows users to translate words or sentences from Indonesian to Korean or vice versa without the need for an internet connection.

- Online Translation: For more complex translations, the app also offers an online translation feature that requires an internet connection. This allows users to translate longer sentences or paragraphs.

- Copy and Share: Users can easily copy translations or share them with other applications. This makes it convenient to use the translated text in other contexts or share it with others.

- Text to Speech: The app provides a feature that allows users to listen to the pronunciation of words or sentences. This can be helpful for learning proper pronunciation in Korean.

- Fast Search: The app has a highly efficient search function, allowing users to quickly find the translations they are looking for.

- User-friendly Interface: The app is designed to be easy to use, with a clear and intuitive interface that encourages users to engage with the app and explore its features.


With its offline and online translation capabilities, copy and share feature, text to speech function, fast search, and user-friendly interface, Kamus Bahasa Korea Offline is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for translating between Indonesian and Korean. Whether users need a quick translation or a more complex one, this app has the features to meet their needs. It is an essential companion for anyone learning or working with these languages. Click now to download and start translating with ease!



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    2024-06-25 06:34:02
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    2024-06-23 05:52:56
  • Aplikasinya bagus sekali ini bisa belajar bahasa korea
    2024-06-22 20:43:44