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Stay updated with the latest news from around the world with the RaiNews app, brought to you by the digital news team at Rai. Get real-time updates on all the top stories, told with exclusive words and images, and rest assured that the news is trustworthy and certified to protect you from fake news. With just one click, you can explore the constantly updated homepage, stay informed about breaking news, and access news by browsing through various categories and keywords. Dive deeper into topics of interest with in-depth articles and reports. Watch the live streaming of RaiNews24, the all-news channel, and catch up on the national news bulletins. You can also share news articles with your friends on social media or via email. The RaiNews app is available for free on Android devices running on version 6.0 and above.

Features of RaiNews:

⭐️ Updated news in real-time: The app provides the latest news updates from around the world, ensuring users stay informed with reliable and certified information.

⭐️ Exclusive content: The news is delivered with exclusive words and images, giving users a unique perspective on current events.

⭐️ Anti-fake news guarantee: The app ensures users receive accurate and trustworthy news, protecting them from misleading information.

⭐️ Access to national and regional news: Users can easily browse through a wide range of news categories, including environment, politics, sports, and more, allowing them to stay informed on the topics of their interest.

⭐️ In-depth coverage: The app offers comprehensive coverage with dossiers and deep dives into various topics, allowing users to explore their interests in detail.

⭐️ Live streaming of RaiNews24 With the app, users can watch the live streaming of RaiNews24 the all-news TV channel, providing 24/7 coverage.


The RaiNews app provides users with an easy and convenient way to stay updated on the latest news from around the world. With its reliable and exclusive content, anti-fake news guarantee, access to national and regional news, in-depth coverage, and live streaming of RaiNews24 the app offers a comprehensive news experience for users. Click to download and start exploring the world of news.