The Secret of Success

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Introducing "The Secret of Success", a motivational book by William Walker Atkinson that serves as the main source of inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret". This free, unedited first edition from 1907 explores the concept of individuality and how it can be developed and expressed to achieve greatness and success. Atkinson emphasizes that each of us possesses unique qualities that, when unleashed, can lead to personal growth and accomplishment. Discover the "Secret of Success" and unlock your potential to become great, strong, and successful. Learn this valuable secret by downloading this classic book, along with other free classic books, on Google Play.

Features of this app:

- Free: The app offers free access to the book "The Secret of Success", making it easily accessible to users.

- Unedited 1st edition: The app provides the original, unedited 1st edition of the book , allowing users to read the content in its authentic form.

- Inspirational: The book, which was the main source of inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret", offers motivational content that can inspire and encourage users.

- Individuality and personal development: The app highlights the teachings of William Walker Atkinson regarding individuality and personal development. It emphasizes that each person has inherent individuality that can be developed and expressed to achieve success.

- User-friendly interface: The app is designed to be easy to use, ensuring that readers can navigate the content effortlessly and enjoy a seamless reading experience.

- Additional book recommendations: The app suggests other classic books that are available for free on Google Play, providing users with more reading options.


This app offers users the opportunity to access the original, unedited edition of "The Secret of Success" for free. The book provides valuable insights on individuality and personal development, which can serve as a source of inspiration for readers. With its user-friendly interface and the additional book recommendations, this app provides an enticing reading experience that may attract users to click and download.



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