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Introducing ONEWallet, the ultimate app for managing all your barcode and QR code-based cards in one place! Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple cards and manually entering card numbers. With ONEWallet, you can easily scan your cards' barcodes or QR codes using your phone's camera. From flight tickets to membership cards, loyalty cards, and coupons, ONEWallet has got you covered. Enjoy features like card categorization, favorites, shortcuts, backup and restore, custom colors, and even access your cards directly from your home screen with Widgets. Download ONEWallet now and simplify your card management experience!

Features of ONEWallet:

- All-in-one card management: ONEWallet allows you to manage all your barcode and QR code-based cards in one convenient app. Whether it's flight tickets, membership cards, loyalty cards, or coupons, you can easily store and access them all in a single place.

- Easy scanning: With ONEWallet, you can effortlessly scan your card's barcode or QR code using your phone's camera. No need to manually enter the card number anymore. Just point, scan, and you're good to go.

- Simple card management: Organizing your cards is a breeze with ONEWallet. You can categorize them and mark favorites for quick access. Say goodbye to rummaging through your wallet or purse to find the right card.

- Customization options: Personalize your cards by assigning custom colors to them. This feature not only adds a touch of personal flair but also makes it easier to identify specific cards at a glance.

- Backup and restore: Worried about losing your cards? ONEWallet has got you covered. You can easily backup and restore your cards, ensuring that you never lose important information.

- Convenient access: ONEWallet offers widgets that allow you to access your cards directly from your home screen. No need to open the app every time you need a card. Just tap on the widget, and your card is ready to use.


With its easy scanning feature, simple card management options, customization capabilities, and convenient access through widgets, this app streamlines the way you handle your cards. Say goodbye to cluttered wallets and purses, and hello to a digital wallet that keeps all your cards organized and accessible. Download ONEWallet now and experience the convenience for yourself.



  • I wish I had tried it before buying it. I've used a couple of different apps like this between iPhone and now Android. Photo of the card fails. Could even create an account that wasn't a Gmail account. Save your money on this one.
    2023-12-26 01:23:38
  • it is not user friendly whatsoever. Very frustrated. wish I had an iPhone with Apple Wallet. I wasted a lot of money fir even more frustration!!
    2023-12-25 23:08:37
  • one wallet make my life,happiness every,time love it to improve your,life better.
    2023-12-25 09:33:55
  • Really great App. Thanks to the team behind. It has all options that you need and more. Scan, import, customize and secure.
    2023-12-24 14:56:18
  • I believe its a great app but the logo searcher hasn't been working for months now! I've updated multiple times in the hope it would start working again and I am very letdown by it.
    2023-12-24 05:52:27
  • easy and quick set up, only down fall thing is to many areas that ask same kinda fill in in some spot it should be set up on which kinda card you are uploading the it generate the correct fill in one time not and couple but it's legit like the app alot
    2023-12-24 00:45:19