mystlukes Patient Portal

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St. Luke's Hospital - Chesterfield (STL), MO
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Stay connected with your health anytime, anywhere with the mystlukes mobile app. This handy tool gives you immediate access to your health records through the secure online patient portal. No more digging through papers or waiting on hold. You can request appointments, schedule telehealth visits with your provider, and securely communicate with your care team. Plus, you can conveniently pay your bills and view important health information like lab results, medication lists, and immunization history. Take control of your healthcare journey with the mystlukes mobile app today.

Features of mystlukes Patient Portal:

- Convenient access to personal health records: The app provides a secure online tool that allows users to easily access their health records. This means that users can view their healthcare information anytime, anywhere.

- Real-time access to the patient portal: Through the app, users can have real-time access to the St. Luke's online patient portal. This ensures that users can stay up-to-date with their healthcare information and easily engage in their care.

- Appointment scheduling made easy: Users can request appointments with their healthcare providers. This convenient feature eliminates the need for phone calls or visits to the clinic to schedule an appointment.

- Telehealth visits with providers: The app also allows users to schedule telehealth visits with their healthcare providers. This means that users can have virtual consultations with their doctors from the comfort of their own homes.

- Secure communication with the care team: Through the app, users can securely communicate with their care team. This feature enables users to easily ask questions, discuss concerns, or inquire about their healthcare records.

- Convenient bill payment: The app makes it easy for users to pay their bills. Users can securely make payments directly through the app, eliminating the hassle of mailing checks or visiting the clinic in person.


The mystlukes mobile app offers a range of convenient features that make managing personal health records and engaging in care easy and accessible. With real-time access to the patient portal, appointment scheduling, telehealth visits, secure communication, bill payment, and the ability to view lab results and other important healthcare information, users can have peace of mind and take control of their health. Download the mystlukes mobile app now to experience the convenience and benefits it offers.