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LightChat is a revolutionary live chat app that connects you with people from all over the globe to discuss any subject under the sun. With the ability to create and join rooms, you have endless opportunities to engage in stimulating conversations. But that's not all - this app also allows you to chat privately with other users, expanding your circle of connections. Rise to the top in popularity by increasing your followers, fans, and likes. Moreover, you can delve into the world of online gaming and surprise your newfound buddies with virtual gifts like stickers. And the best part? You can maintain your anonymity, ensuring maximum privacy. Ready to meet new people and indulge in captivating conversations? Download the APK for LightChat now.

Features of LightChat:

⭐️ Wide variety of topics: The app allows users to talk to people from around the world about a diverse range of subjects, providing endless opportunities for meaningful conversations and connections.

⭐️ Create and join chat rooms: Users can create their own chat rooms and invite others to join, offering a space for like-minded individuals to discuss shared interests or engage in group conversations.

⭐️ Private messaging: The app enables users to have private conversations with people they meet on the app, allowing for more personal and intimate interactions.

⭐️ Popularity ranking: The app features a dedicated section where users can view the most popular profiles, motivating users to increase their follower count, fan base, and likes, and eventually become one of the most popular profiles themselves.

⭐️ Online games and virtual gifts: In addition to chat features, this app offers users the opportunity to play online games and send virtual gifts, such as stickers and other virtual items, adding an element of fun and entertainment to the app.

⭐️ Maximum privacy: The app respects user privacy by giving them the option to not show their faces, ensuring that users can feel safe and maintain their anonymity while using the app.


LightChat is a versatile and engaging live chat app that allows users to connect with people worldwide, discuss various topics, and enjoy private conversations. With features like chat rooms, popularity ranking, online games, virtual gifts, and privacy options, this app offers a comprehensive and enjoyable user experience. Download the APK for LightChat today and start meeting new people and engaging in fascinating conversations.



  • one of my favourite old time voice app! so happy to be back with my lovely friends,nice features and games.
    2024-06-17 00:35:11
  • I hope you could fix the bugs of your app. It keeps on glitching! So annoying
    2024-06-15 13:35:36
  • This app is wonderful
    2024-06-14 21:49:17
  • Too much glitch I cannot even go to my room and stream....all my salary went to recharge....we don't deserve this kind of glitch...
    2024-06-14 20:00:09
  • Good day the latest update isnt useful to the users .much better if back the previous policy, I hope you understand so that we can earn money be fair to the users thank u .
    2024-06-14 17:44:28
  • It's good but when you log out by using your Facebook account you can't login again all I see is error error I can't open my previous account feedback is useless you doing nothing about it
    2024-06-14 14:03:38