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Elevate your writing experience with Pure Writer - Writing & Notes, a beautifully designed app that offers a seamless and enjoyable writing journey. With its minimalist interface, Markdown support, and unique features, Pure Writer stands out as the perfect tool for all your writing needs. Chat with ChatGPT, receive real-time writing suggestions with Pure Writer Copilot, and enjoy features like line and paragraph spacing, smooth scrolling, and swipe-to-collapse-keyboard for enhanced comfort. Ensure the security of your work with fingerprint encryption and never lose a document with automatic backups and history records. Transform your writing process and experience the joy of creating with Pure Writer - download Pure Writer - Writing & Notes and start writing today!

Features of Pure Writer - Writing & Notes:

❤️ Good Writing Experience: The App is designed to provide users with a fast and enjoyable writing experience, whether they are working with plain text or Markdown.

❤️ Conversations with ChatGPT: The App supports connecting with ChatGPT on the secondary screen, allowing users to get information consultation and answers while writing.

❤️ Real-Time Writing Suggestions: By enabling Pure Writer Copilot, users can receive real-time writing suggestions and candidate content within the editor, enhancing their writing efficiency.

❤️ Line and Paragraph Spacing: The App offers a feature that allows users to adjust the line and paragraph spacing, making their text clearer and more comfortable to read.

❤️ Exciting Additional Features: Pure Writer includes smooth scrolling, swipe-to-collapse-keyboard, and other exciting features that enhance the overall writing experience.

❤️ Secure and Reliable: The App prioritizes the security and protection of users' work. It provides encryption options, automatic backups, history record support, undo and redo features, and a Trash folder to prevent accidental deletion of articles.


Discover a new way to write with Pure Writer - the app that prioritizes your writing experience and supports your creative journey. Embrace the convenience, security, and innovation that Pure Writer offers, and enjoy a seamless writing experience like never before. Try Pure Writer today and witness how it can enhance your productivity, creativity, and overall enjoyment of the writing process. Elevate your writing game with Pure Writer - the ultimate writing companion for all your needs!