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Introducing Intesis AC Cloud®, the ultimate app for controlling your air conditioning system with ease. With this innovative app, you can now have full control of your unit from anywhere, using your Android device, iPhone/iPad, or even the AC Cloud website. Experience the power of total control as you turn your unit on or off, adjust the temperature, fan speed, and even the vanes orientation, all at the touch of a button. Stay informed with alert messages, receiving notifications for connection status, malfunctions, and maintenance reminders. With multi-user support and availability in multiple languages, managing your air conditioning has never been more convenient. Check out our website for the list of compatible units and start enjoying the new way of controlling your installation today.

Features of Intesis AC Cloud:

- Total Control: With Intesis AC Cloud, you can effortlessly turn your AC unit on or off from anywhere. Additionally, you can easily adjust the mode, fan speed, and vanes orientation to suit your preferences.

- Temperature Visualization and Adjustment: The app provides a clear and intuitive interface that allows you to visualize and adjust the temperature of your air conditioning system with just a few taps.

- Alert Messages: Stay informed about the status of your AC system with real-time alerts and notifications. Whether it's a connection issue or a malfunctioning error, the app will keep you updated so that you can take prompt action.

- Multi-User Support: Intesis AC Cloud supports multiple user accounts, making it convenient for the whole family or team to control the air conditioning system. Everyone can have their own personalized settings and preferences.

- Language Compatibility: The app is available in a wide range of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and many others. No matter where you are, Intesis AC Cloud ensures that language will never be a barrier.

- Constant Improvements: Please note that the app's descriptions and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. The development team is dedicated to continuously enhancing the app to provide an even better user experience.


Stay in the know with alert messages that keep you updated on connection status, malfunctions, and maintenance reminders. With support for multiple users and available in various languages, managing your air conditioning system has never been easier. Visit our website to discover the compatible units and experience the new era of air conditioning control today.