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Introducing Maxbattery, the ultimate app designed for both technicians and consumers seeking a safe and efficient way to diagnose electrical systems. With its advanced anti-heat features and prevention against backfire electrical sparks, you can have peace of mind while performing tests. Maxbattery supports a range of functions including Battery Health Test, Start System Test, Charging System Test, and Test Report, making it an all-in-one solution for diagnosing electrical issues. Whether you're dealing with a lead-acid battery, GEL battery, or AGM battery, Maxbattery has got you covered. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the power of Maxbattery today.

Features of Maxbattery:

* Battery Health Test: Maxbattery allows users to perform battery health tests, ensuring that technicians and consumers can assess the condition of their batteries quickly and accurately.

* Start System Test: With this feature, users can test the performance and functionality of their vehicle's start system, ensuring that it operates smoothly and reliably.

* Charging System Test: Maxbattery enables users to test the charging system of their vehicles, ensuring that the battery is being charged properly and efficiently.

* Test Report: This app generates detailed test reports, providing users with comprehensive information about their battery, start system, and charging system performance.

* Safety Features: Maxbattery is designed with anti-heat characteristics to ensure safe usage, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage while using the app.

* Compatibility: Maxbattery supports various battery types such as lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.


 Maxbattery is an essential app for technicians and consumers alike. It offers convenient features such as battery health tests, start system tests, and charging system tests, providing users with detailed test reports. The app prioritizes safety with anti-heat characteristics and prevents backfire electrical sparks that may occur during system diagnosis. With compatibility for various battery types, Maxbattery ensures that users can easily assess the health and performance of their batteries for optimal vehicle functioning. Click now to download Maxbattery and take control of your battery's health!



  • like others have said the app just stopped working. tried reinstall, rebooting neither worked
    2024-06-15 05:07:14
  • Just bought battery tester and can't get to hook up with my device
    2024-06-15 04:19:19
  • I dunno what has happened but it won't load anymore . Was working fine 5 days ago . I even tried to unload it and re installed it still the same thing .
    2024-06-14 21:43:39
  • The app wont connect to my tool, please fix.
    2024-06-14 20:26:05
  • App was working fine until after the update and not I can't click on anything to work.
    2024-06-14 00:27:11
  • Works well, but please add a barcode scanner so that vehicle info can be attached to the report. Will update review score if this is added
    2024-06-13 23:28:59