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Looking to add a personal touch to your iPhone's home screen? Look no further than the Photo Widget iOS 16 app! With this free and easy-to-use app, you can decorate your home screen with stunning photo widgets in the style of iOS 16. The app allows you to add unlimited photos to each widget, with the option to change them at a set time interval. Whether it's your family and friends, beloved pets, or favorite celebrities, you can showcase your favorite memories and moments right on your home screen. Create and manage your own albums, and enjoy the sleek and modern design inspired by iOS 16. Upgrade your home screen aesthetic today and download Photo Widget iOS 16!

Features of Photo Widget iOS 16:

> Unlimited Photos: Add as many photos as you want to each widget, allowing you to showcase all your favorite memories, loved ones, and more.

> Customizable Time Interval: Set the time interval for photo changes in the widget, making it dynamic and constantly refreshing with new images.

> Various Widget Sizes: Choose from a wide range of widget sizes, giving you the flexibility to display multiple widgets on your home screen in any way you like.

> Personalized Home Screen: Decorate your phone's home screen with your favorite photos, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing look tailored to your taste.

> Favorite Album Management: Easily create and manage your favorite photo albums, ensuring quick access to specific collections for your widgets.

> iOS 16 Style: Designed with the sleek and stylish aesthetics of iOS > the app seamlessly integrates with your iPhone's operating system for a cohesive look.


Elevate your home screen with the FREE Photo Widget app. Easily add unlimited photos to each widget, customize the time interval for photo changes, and choose from various widget sizes to suit your preferences. Personalize your phone's home screen with precious memories, celebrity photos, adorable pets, and more. Manage your favorite albums effortlessly and enjoy the sleek iOS 16 style. Download now and enhance your visual experience. Your 5-star rating or review would be greatly appreciated in helping us improve.



  • I have an ipad and the app is the best wigetsmith alternative I've tried
    2024-06-11 21:47:58
  • it was great until it updated and i lost all my widgets.
    2024-06-11 21:03:29
  • wont let me save the damn photo and keeps putting a tutorial when i try and save it
    2024-06-11 16:22:30
  • Vrashes when I need to choose storage and images. Uninstalling...
    2024-06-11 13:28:57
  • App doesn't work at all what the f are you doing I bought the premium and it's not working at all you're a lousy developer
    2024-06-10 12:22:03
  • it works pretty well but everyday i have to update the widgets hope yall can improve this soon
    2024-06-10 12:07:39