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Introducing Sirin Audiobook Player, the ultimate audiobook player with a built-in torrent client. With Sirin, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks for free in a variety of audio formats such as mp3, Applem4b, FLAC, ogg, opus, WMA, WV, and more. Not only can you listen to audiobooks from your phone's local storage, but you can also download audiobooks directly from torrent files or magnet links. Sirin automatically analyzes audio files' metadata tags, including chapters and cover art, making it easy to manage your audiobook library. With features like full ID3 and MP4 (M4B) chapters support, grouping audiobooks into series for better organization, and the ability to add, delete, and edit your audiobooks, Sirin is designed to enhance your audiobook listening experience. And with the built-in torrent client, you can download audiobooks while preserving your mobile data by using the Wi-Fi only setting. It's simple, easy to use, and perfect for any audiobook lover. Download Sirin now and start enjoying your favorite audiobooks!

Features of Sirin audiobook player:

- Wide Range of Audio Formats: Sirin supports various audio formats such as mp- Applem4b, FLAC, ogg, opus, WMA, WV, and more, allowing users to listen to audiobooks in their preferred format.

- Built-in Torrent Client: The app includes a built-in torrent client, enabling users to download audiobooks directly from torrent files or magnet links.

- Automatic Metadata Analysis: Sirin automatically analyzes the metadata tags of audio files, including chapters and cover art. This feature helps users to organize and manage their audiobook library efficiently.

- Library Organization: Users can group audiobooks into series for better organization and easy navigation within the app.

- Gesture Controls: The app supports gesture controls for easy fast-forwarding and rewinding, enhancing the overall user experience while listening to audiobooks.

- Essential Settings: Sirin audiobook player offers essential settings like a sleep timer and narration speed adjustment, allowing users to customize their listening experience according to their preferences.


Sirin audiobook player stands out among the numerous audiobook players available in the Play Market due to its unique set of features. With support for multiple audio formats, a built-in torrent client, automatic metadata analysis, and convenient library organization, Sirin offers a comprehensive solution for audiobook enthusiasts. The inclusion of gesture controls and essential settings further enhances the user experience. If you are seeking a simple-to-use audiobook player, Sirin is the ideal choice to download, listen, and enjoy your favorite audiobooks.



  • Otherwise the reader does a lovely job, this app does the best job speeding up the reader without clipping. And it offers options to change how much to jump around and the time it jumps back after pausing the file. Have contacted developer in hopes they can help with one issue.
    2024-06-12 19:49:34
  • I tried a few of the top AB apps but the UX is much better on Sirin. I miss Libby's interface in some ways but I'm quite pleased
    2024-06-12 05:38:02
  • Audio serve is basic but serves my needs. The flaw that I find with it is that it's not pretty to look at lol this app is way more eye pleasing. Even though Im not using this app, I purchased the ad free version as I see this app flourishing into an incredible app, it has a great name, icon, ui, and very user friendly. I hope audio serve api can be implemented, but I'm no app builder so I don't know if it's 100% possible. I'm looking forward to where you take this app.
    2024-06-11 02:36:17
  • Great experience - not hardly any frills, and the built in torrent manager is a delightful feature. I've used it plenty and honestly wouldn't listen to audiobooks without it. The only features I'd request is being able to cast with it, and being able to keep torrent files from automatically deleting when completed.
    2024-06-10 23:42:25
  • does everything you could need and does it as well as can be. one of my favourite ever android apps
    2024-06-10 20:29:56
  • ⭐-USER INTERFACE Attractive without being over-designed, and minimal without being stale. ⭐-EASE OF USE Does what it was made to do simply and well. Functions are where one would expect them to be. ⭐-PERFORMANCE Fast and uses few resources. ⭐-KEY FEATURES Bookmarks missing; must have in context to this apps purpose. (Double tap album art to bookmark would be nice!) ⛔-BONUS FEATURES Cloud storage syncing or streaming (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.). USENET client feature would be nice!
    2024-06-10 16:11:54