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Introducing SwissCovid, the official contact tracing app of Switzerland, operated by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). SwissCovid is a voluntary and free app that helps contain the new coronavirus by complementing the conventional contact tracing carried out by the cantons. By installing and using the app, we can effectively keep the virus in check alongside following hygiene and social distancing rules. The app anonymously measures encounters with other phones that have the app installed, recording close contacts for efficient tracing. It also offers check-in functions for notifications of infection risks. The app prioritizes privacy, storing data locally and subject to Swiss law. Download now to join the collective effort in stopping the spread of the virus!

Features of this app:

- Contact Tracing: The SwissCovid app helps in contact tracing by complementing the conventional contact tracing carried out by the cantons. It anonymously measures how long and how close the user's smartphone is to others that have the app installed.

- Encounters Function: The app records any encounters that the user's phone has with other phones closer than -5 meters and for longer than 15 minutes. This helps identify situations in which the user is most likely to become infected with the virus.

- Check-in Function: SwissCovid check-ins allow users to check into a location or meeting with the app. This enables users to be alerted if there is a risk of infection, regardless of the distance. Only the user's presence is stored in the app, ensuring privacy.

- Notification System: If a user tests positive for the coronavirus, they receive a COVID code which allows them to activate the notification function in their app. Other app users with whom they had close contact or who checked in at the same location during the infectious period are automatically and anonymously notified.

- Privacy Protection: The data collected by the SwissCovid app is only stored locally on the user's smartphone. No personal or location data is sent to a central storage location or server, ensuring privacy. The app's use is limited to Switzerland and subject to Swiss law.

- Minimum Technical Requirements: The app requires the Android 6 operating system or newer to be installed on the smartphone.


The SwissCovid app provides a voluntary and free solution for contact tracing to help contain the new coronavirus in Switzerland. By using this app in combination with following hygiene and social distancing rules, individuals can effectively keep the virus in check. The app's features, such as encounters function, check-in function, and notification system, ensure user privacy while facilitating contact tracing efforts.