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Introducing CarDekho DealerCentral, the ultimate app for used car dealers and dealership businesses in India. Created by CarDekho Group, this app is designed to revolutionize the way dealers manage and grow their used car business. With CarDekho DealerCentral, you can easily buy and sell used cars, whether it's through the open market feature or the digital car auction platform. Plus, you can showcase your inventory on the popular CarDekho marketplace and reach millions of potential buyers. This app also offers powerful tools for stock management, lead generation, and customer engagement. With features like car inspection services and support from account managers, CarDekho DealerCentral ensures that you stay ahead in the competitive market. Join this digital revolution and unlock the full potential of your dealership business.

Features of CarDekho DealerCentral:

❤️ Buy & sell Used Cars: Users can purchase used cars from the open market or through the digital car auction platform. They can also sell their own used car inventory on the CarDekho marketplace, reaching millions of potential buyers.

❤️ Digital Dealership Product: The app allows users to manage their used car stock and inventory, track incoming leads, engage with customers, and manage employee roles.

❤️ Host of Dealer Services: The app offers various dealer services such as car warranty, car valuations, and market analysis to help dealers stay ahead in the market.

❤️ Business Dashboards & Lead Management: Users can view real-time business performance and earnings, as well as connect with incoming customer inquiries looking to buy used cars.

❤️ Auction: The app provides a digital auction platform for users to bid and buy used cars directly from customers and corporates.

❤️ Car inspection & Warranty facilities: Car inspection services are available to help users accurately price and assess the quality of used cars.


CarDekho DealerCentral is a comprehensive app designed to empower used car dealers in India. With features like buying and selling used cars, managing inventory and leads, accessing dealer services, participating in auctions, and utilizing car inspection and warranty facilities, this app offers a one-stop solution for all dealership needs. It not only helps dealers grow their business through digital channels but also connects them with a wide network of dealers and sellers. Stay ahead in the market, maximize profits, and dominate the used car market with CarDekho DealerCentral.



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