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Introducing "Sicher Reisen" - the ultimate travel companion app that ensures a safe and smooth trip abroad. With an easy-to-use checklist for your travel preparations, contact information for German representations abroad and foreign representations in Germany, this app covers all your essential needs. Stay informed about how to handle emergencies and easily alert your contacts with just a click in crisis situations. Moreover, access the Federal Foreign Office's continuously updated travel and security information for each country. New features include clearer addresses with map links, an improved pinboard for favorites, and various small improvements. Download now for a worry-free journey!

Features of Sicher Reisen:

- Travel Checklist: The app provides a checklist to help users prepare for their trip abroad. This feature ensures that users do not forget any essential items or documents.

- Addresses of German Representations: Users can access the addresses of German representations abroad, including embassies or consulates. This feature is crucial for travelers who may need assistance or support during their trip.

- Representation of Travel Destinations in Germany: The app also provides information about the representations of users' travel destinations in Germany. This can be useful for individuals planning to visit or immigrate to Germany, as they can find relevant contact information.

- Emergency Behavior Guide: Users can find clues on how to behave in emergencies while abroad. This feature guides users on the appropriate steps to take in a crisis situation, ensuring their safety and well-being.

- Contact Notifications: Users can easily inform their contacts about their well-being with just a click during a crisis. This feature provides a convenient way to update loved ones about their status and can provide peace of mind to both the traveler and their contacts.

- Updated Travel and Security Information: The app offers detailed and continuously updated travel and security information for each country. This feature ensures that users are informed about any potential risks or warnings related to their destination, allowing them to make informed decisions.


Sicher Reisen is a valuable tool for individuals planning to travel abroad. It offers essential features such as a travel checklist, contact information for German representations abroad, guides for emergency situations, and updated travel and security information. The user-friendly interface and various small improvements make it easy to navigate and use. Overall, this App is highly recommended for individuals looking for a reliable and comprehensive resource to ensure a safe and smooth trip abroad. Click here to download the app now.