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Experience a seamless and brand-new movie experience right from your phone with the mmCineplexes mobile app! Discover a wide range of movies, from thrilling action adventures to anime, and buy your tickets and favorite movie snacks with ease. With a fresh new look, the app offers the latest movies and promotions, as well as the ability to share showtimes with friends. It's your one-stop for tickets and cinema snacks, and you can even enjoy exclusive discounts all day long. Download the mmCineplexes app now and enjoy a cooler movie experience than ever before!

Features of the App:

- Discover a wide range of movies: From thrilling action adventures to anime, the app offers a diverse selection of movies to cater to every taste.

- Seamless movie experience: With the mmCineplexes app, you can enjoy a brand-new movie experience that starts right from your phone. No more waiting in long queues or dealing with paper tickets.

- Easy ticket booking: The app allows you to buy your tickets with just a few taps. It's simple to use and ensures a hassle-free booking process.

- Latest movies and promotions: Stay updated with the latest releases and promotions through the app. You'll never miss out on any exciting movie or special offer.

- Share movie showtimes with friends: Easily share movie showtimes with your friends through the app. Plan your movie outings together and make the experience even more enjoyable.

- All-day App-clusive discount: By using the mmCineplexes app, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on tickets and cinema snacks throughout the day.


Experience a fresh new look and a cooler than ever movie experience with the mmCineplexes app. Discover a wide range of movies, book tickets effortlessly, and stay updated with the latest releases and promotions. Share movie showtimes with friends and enjoy exclusive discounts on tickets and snacks. Download the app now and elevate your movie-watching experience.



  • Very nice
    2023-12-30 12:18:39
  • apa benda siut riverfront takdak, baik takyah buat app
    2023-12-30 06:26:31
  • Cannot open
    2023-12-29 20:11:32
  • app slow, harini keluar lain tiba2 esok jd lain, loading lama, berjembut tunggu, fix lah oi bug byk ni, kitorang ni x de masa nk dtg cinema semata2 nk booking
    2023-12-29 07:00:39
  • Hello. Duit dlm bank dah tolak, tapi dlm apps kau ckp "unsuccessful". Pastu contact nombor, tak pernah berangkat, reply lah. Nak tunggu kiamat baru reply?
    2023-12-28 13:54:29
  • Fail.....
    2023-12-27 08:53:54