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Relive your childhood and unleash your creativity with the FlipaClip - Cartoon animation app! This amazing tool allows you to create cartoon animations just like the old school flipbooks, but with a modern twist. Whether you're a professional animator or just love doodling, FlipaClip offers intuitive tools for sketching, storyboarding, and animating. With features like onion layers, drawing layers, and an animation timeline, you can easily bring your creative ideas to life. Once you've finished your masterpiece, you can share it with the world through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram. Download FlipaClip now and let your imagination run wild!

Features of FlipaClip - Cartoon animation:

> Frame-by-Frame Animation: FlipaClip - Cartoon animation allows users to draw their own cartoons using frame-by-frame animation, similar to the traditional flipbook method. This feature allows for precise and detailed animations.

> Onion Layers: With the Onion Layers feature, users can see both the before and after frames as ghost images. This helps with maintaining consistency and smooth transitions in animations.

> Drawing Layers: FlipaClip - Cartoon animation offers multiple drawing layers, allowing users to easily separate different elements of their animations. This feature enables more complex and detailed animations.

> Animation Timeline and Frames Manager: The app includes an animation timeline where users can easily edit and adjust the timing of their frames. Additionally, the frames manager provides a clear overview of all frames, making it easy to navigate and manage large animation projects.

> Drawing Tools: FlipaClip - Cartoon animation offers a variety of drawing tools, including brushes, pencils, and erasers. These tools allow users to create different textures and styles in their animations.

Tips for users:

> Start simple: If you're new to animation, start with a simple project to get familiar with the app's features and tools. This will help you understand how to create smooth and fluid animations.

> Experiment with layers: Utilize the drawing layers to separate different elements of your animations. This will give you more control and flexibility when making changes or adding details.

> Take advantage of the onion layers: Use the onion layers feature to compare the current frame with the previous and next frames. This will help you create smooth transitions and avoid unnecessary glitches or jumps in your animations.

> Plan your animations: Before diving into animating, take some time to plan out your animation. Consider the storyline, key poses, and timing. This will help you create a more cohesive and engaging animation.


FlipaClip - Cartoon animation provides a fun and intuitive platform for creating animated cartoons. With its frame-by-frame animation, onion layers, drawing layers, and a wide range of drawing tools, users can easily bring their creative ideas to life. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, FlipaClip offers the necessary tools and features to create impressive animations. So, unleash your inner animator, relive your childhood, and showcase your creative skills with the app. Download the app now and start creating amazing animations!



  • There is not a proper account system. When I saw new update, I thought my mobile will save my data so I understand and reinstalled this app. When I opened this app it said to login account and I logged in with my Google account and my all projects were gone. In this way I lose my all projects. please make proper account settings so that we will never lose our projects. We can only login when we install this app but after that if we try to login to next account there is no option for that.
    2024-07-08 17:58:55
  • It's very good but it's just pixel art. When I rotate it it doesn't focus on the pixels. So it makes transparent ones on the outside. Code it to where there's a grid so when you rotate it the pixels snap to the grid? Thanks and bye Edit:Still hasn't fixed it :(
    2024-07-08 15:07:03
  • Great animation app.No issues.An ai lip sync feature would be helpful. We just had to write text and adjust speed and it would draw on frames itself(and there should be different types of lips like cartoonistic, anime , realistic,etc).
    2024-07-08 13:35:40
  • I love flipaclip but it's pretty much useless without premium and that's the problem. It keeps declining my mom's paypal and we can't fix it so o can't use this anymore so I have to quit my animation channel. Thank you for a great 3 years.
    2024-07-08 11:35:42
  • Review: There have been a problem that everytime i try to use color fill it will fill the screen but not the place i want to and there one more there have been a glitch or bug that I always get out off my animation without i'm clicking it out i like the apps but please fix it it hard for me to make animation now.
    2024-07-07 23:43:21
  • Good app and all.. But can you plsssss.. Make the dip pen free.. I beg!.. I'm trying to make manga and there is no other good pens but that. but I need to pay for it. And I don't have money for it.. Your the only good app that can switch clips, so it's good to make manga pannels and the wide joice of pens the colors joice are perfect.. You get so used to it easy, and you can find what you need very well.. I just need you to do, one, thing...... Make the dip pen free.. Pls and thank you
    2024-07-07 17:41:27