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Introducing BabyGenerator Guess baby face app! Curious about your future baby's face? Our app uses AI to analyze facial features and generate predictions. Just upload photos of mom and dad, select gender and age, and press the heart button. Note: predictions are for fun and not based on genetic analysis. Create and share family photo collages easily. Download now for some entertaining baby predictions!

Features of BabyGenerator Guess baby face:

- Facial feature analysis: The app uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the facial features of parents and make predictions about what their future baby may look like.

- Image scanning: Users can scan images of both the father and mother to generate the predicted baby faces.

- Diverse predictions: The app acknowledges the diverse nature of genetics and states that even siblings can have different faces. It does not use genetic analysis techniques but analyzes facial features based on photos to make predictions.

- Accuracy disclaimer: The app states that the predictions given may not be accurate and may differ from reality. However, it aims to give users an idea about their future baby's appearance.

- Easy to use: The app is user-friendly and follows a simple three-step process of selecting photos, choosing gender and age, and pressing the heart button to generate predictions.

- Additional features: Apart from the baby face prediction feature, the app also offers other great features such as creating photo collages of the family and the ability to save and share photos.


BabyGenerator Guess baby face uses AI to predict a baby's appearance from parent photos. While predictions aren't guaranteed accurate, it's a fun way to imagine your future baby. Enjoy additional features like photo collages and easy sharing. Download for a fun experience!



  • Has one picture of each gender/age. Seems like a lot to pay for so little. Also the few children I could generate, didn't look like me or my husband. Maybe 2nd cousins, but definitely not your own children!
    2024-06-24 20:13:12
  • It literally take your facial features!! ❤️
    2024-06-24 03:41:51
  • Just now i have installed and tried for some pictures..even though uploaded pics are very good in looks and everything it give very worst results.. worst experience.. friends don't install people will definitely get disappoint...
    2024-06-23 10:44:24
  • It's a good app, better than the other face morphers, but it wouldnt let me continue after 2 tries without rating 5 stars. So heres 2 stars. I would have given it 4 or 5, but I'm not going to be told to do it or I cant use the app.
    2024-06-22 23:39:28
  • Not bad. 2 boy/2girl choices to choose from. Easy to use. Worked first try but not HD image result. Fun
    2024-06-22 01:39:15
  • So, it only "works" if I purchase the monthly subscription? I uploaded photos, pressed the age of "the child", then pressed "the hearts", which only gave me the "Upgrade to PRO version to use this option". Would be great if paying for the subscription is right up front before downloading app
    2024-06-21 23:31:54