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Bibliquest is an app that provides a permanent access to the Bible, over 2000 articles, commentaries, meditations on the Word of God, and complete books of biblical studies without the need for a permanent internet connection. It includes the entire Bible (J.N. Darby version) in French, a simple concordance to quickly find Bible verses, major topics of the Christian faith, studies, articles, commentaries, meditations on numerous passages of the Bible, and a FAQ section. The app allows you to add the current page to your favorites, share it with your contacts and applications, and keep the screen on for extended reading. You can also open articles from external links within the app. Please note that the app can function offline by storing the data from on your phone's memory (around 90MB), and the data can be moved to an SD card if desired.

Features of Bibliquest:

* Access to the Bible: This app provides a permanent access to the entire Bible (version J.N. Darby) in French. Users can read various versions of the Bible anytime and anywhere, without needing an internet connection.

* Extensive Content: With over 2000 articles, commentaries, meditations on the Word of God, and complete books on Bible studies, this app offers a wide range of resources for users to deepen their understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

* Quick Verse Search: The app includes a simple concordance that allows users to quickly find specific Bible verses. This feature enables users to easily navigate through the Bible and find relevant passages.

* Topics of Christian Faith: Users can explore the main subjects of the Christian faith through the app. It provides insights on various aspects of Christianity, helping users broaden their knowledge and faith.

* Bookmark and Sharing: Users can add the current page they are reading to their list of favorites for easy access later. Additionally, they can share the page with their contacts and other applications, making it convenient to print or export content.

* User-Friendly Interface: The app ensures a comfortable reading experience by keeping the screen active for three minutes, allowing users enough time to read a page without interruption. Moreover, links to articles on the website can be opened directly in the app, simplifying research and navigation.


Bibliquest, is a comprehensive and accessible library that provides users with a wide range of resources to explore, study, and deepen their understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith. With user-friendly features such as quick verse search, bookmarking, and easy page sharing, this app offers a convenient and enriching experience for users. Download Bibliquest now to embark on a meaningful journey of spiritual growth and knowledge.



  • Ce site est une mine d'informations pour les chrétiens. Que le Seigneur vous bénisse abondamment.
    2024-06-15 15:42:08
  • Love it great app!
    2024-06-15 11:53:20
  • Great
    2024-06-15 11:38:31
  • Très bonne application. Merci, Gloire à Dieu :)
    2024-06-15 11:34:59
  • Tout enseignement
    2024-06-14 06:02:06
  • Bibliotheque biblique
    2024-06-14 01:32:17