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Introducing PONS Translate, the ultimate translator app that will change the way you communicate. With over 50 PONS Dictionaries and text translation for 40 languages, you can trust this app to provide quick and reliable translations for all your search queries. Whether you need to translate a menu, signs, or have a full conversation with someone speaking a different language, PONS Translate has you covered. The intelligent search feature suggests words and phrases to make your search more convenient, while the communication aid recognizes your voice and translates into your desired language. You can even save frequently searched entries and access them offline. With PONS Translate, language barriers will be a thing of the past. Get the app today and experience seamless cross-language communication.

Features of PONS Translate:

❤️ Comprehensive Translation: The app offers quick and reliable translations with over 50 PONS Dictionaries and text translation for 40 languages. It ensures that you can translate your search queries accurately.

❤️ Wide Language Support: The app includes PONS Dictionaries for a wide range of languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish. It also provides dictionaries for language combinations like Spanish-English, French-Polish, or Portuguese-Spanish, giving you access to over 50 dictionaries.

❤️ Intelligent Search: The app's intelligent search feature provides suggestions for words and phrases, making your search quicker and more convenient. If the app cannot find a result in the dictionaries, it automatically activates the integrated text translation service to give you the desired result.

❤️ Communication Aid: PONS Translate recognizes and translates your voice into your desired language, making cross-language communication effortless. It also allows you to listen to the correct pronunciation of your translations and provides a zoom function to magnify and share translations, making it convenient for trips or conversations.

❤️ Convenient Reference: You can save frequently searched or important entries in your favorites, which can be accessed offline as well. The app also keeps track of your search history and provides a copy and paste function, allowing you to use your translations in other applications.

❤️ Example Sentences and Vocabulary Trainer: The app offers example sentences and information on language usage to help you find the correct translation. Additionally, you can copy your translations to the free PONS Vocabulary Trainer to learn them effectively.


PONS Translate is a comprehensive and user-friendly translator app that provides quick and reliable translations. With its wide range of supported languages and intelligent search features, it ensures accurate results for all your translation needs. The app also offers communication aid, convenient reference features, and the ability to learn and review translations with the Vocabulary Trainer. Available offline and ad-free, PONS Translate is an ideal tool for language learners and travelers. Click to download now and experience seamless translation and communication.