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Introducing Driveroo Fleet Solution - the app that will revolutionize your fleet management. With Driveroo, you can say goodbye to the hassle of paperwork and say hello to a fully mobile and digital inspection process. Our innovative technology allows for fast and efficient daily fleet inspections, with drivers simply tapping on vehicle diagrams to inspect and add comments. And the best part? Our AI technology proactively assesses common repairs, ensuring issues are identified and chances of error are reduced. With Driveroo, fleet inspections are easy and painless. Plus, you can control all fleet operations through our convenient web dashboard, giving you access to inspection reports, maintenance schedules, and business metrics with just a click of a button. Stay in the know with real-time updates on driver and vehicle locations, and have the ability to instantly order services in-house or through our repair network if repairs are needed. And with our approval functionality, only necessary repairs are completed, reducing downtime and increasing potential. With Driveroo, you can digitize your fleet management, decrease downtime, increase efficiency, and ensure 100% compliance with DOT regulations. Avoid fines and unnecessary costs by easily monitoring your fleet with Driveroo Fleet Solution.

Features of Driveroo Fleet:

* Digitizes fleet management: This app revolutionizes fleet mobility by digitizing all aspects of fleet management. It helps your fleet scale, grow, and optimize operations.

* Mobile and digital inspections: Forget pen and paper! All inspections are fully mobile and digital, making it easier to keep online records and speeding up inspection times by up to 10 times.

* Intuitive Turbographics™ technology: With this app's intuitive technology, inspections require little training time and reduce errors. It also offers features like voice-to-text and unlimited pictures for detailed inspections.

* Proactive assessment: Powered by AI technology, this app proactively assesses common repairs, allowing you to identify issues and reduce the chances of errors.

* Web dashboard control: All fleet operations can be controlled through the web dashboard, accessible 24/* From this dashboard, you can access inspection reports, maintenance schedules, and business metrics with just a click.

* DOT compliance: This app ensures that your fleet meets 100% of DOT compliance. You can easily monitor your fleet to avoid fines and unnecessary costs.


With Driveroo Fleet Solution, managing your fleet has never been easier. This app digitizes fleet management, making inspections mobile and digital, saving time and effort. Its intuitive technology and AI-powered assessment help you identify and address issues quickly. The web dashboard gives you full control over your fleet operations, and it ensures DOT compliance to avoid fines. Download Driveroo Fleet Solution now to scale, grow, and optimize your fleet operations effortlessly.