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Control your volume sliders with the most advanced app on the Play Store, Volume Styles. Customize your phone's volume panel and sliders with different themes like iOS & MIUI, change the position, add shortcuts, and adjust brightness for faster access. Apply any style to your volume slider with just one tap, choose from Android 10, iOS 13, Xiaomi MIUI, Samsung OneUI, and many more. Create your own custom style and submit it to the Style Feed. Change which volume sliders are shown and add a brightness slider. Customize the volume panel with colors, autodark mode, corner radius, and more. Add shortcuts like Live Caption, flashlight, screenshot, and toggles for rotation, sound mode, and more. Control your volume buttons with Volume Styles. Download now! For more information, FAQs, and support, visit tombayley.dev/apps/volume-styles. Follow us on Twitter @tombayleyapps or join our Telegram group t.me/joinchat/Kcx0ChlfocHjvUuzI1w0ZA. Contact us at support@tombayley.dev.

Features of this app:

- Full control over volume sliders: This app allows users to have complete control over their phone's volume panel and sliders. Users can customize the colors, apply different themes like iOS and MIUI, change the position, and more.

- Customizable volume styles: Users can easily apply different styles to their volume slider with just one tap. The app offers a wide range of styles including Android - iOS - Xiaomi MIUI, Samsung OneUI, OnePlus OxygenOS, and many more. There are also thousands of styles available inside the app.

- Slider customization: Users can change which volume sliders are shown and even add a brightness slider. This allows for a personalized volume control experience.

- Volume panel customization: The app provides various customization options for the volume panel. Users can apply their desired colors, enable auto dark mode, change the corner radius, adjust the position on the screen, and control the duration of the volume panel display.

- Shortcut addition: Users can add additional shortcuts to the volume panel for quick access to various features such as live caption, rotation toggle, flashlight/torch, screenshot, split screen, and more.

- Accessibility services: The app utilizes Accessibility Services to override the volume buttons, ensuring seamless control and functionality.


With its advanced features and customizable options, this volume control app offers users a convenient and personalized experience. The ability to change volume styles, customize sliders and volume panel, and add shortcuts make it easy for users to tailor the app to their preferences. The app's accessibility services ensure smooth and efficient control over volume buttons. Overall, this app is a must-have for those looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly volume control solution. Click the link below to download the app and take full control of your phone's volume settings.

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  • So far so good! My OnePlus phone has a mechanical silent/vibrate slider and, to me, that's a pita to use because of my case. This app overrides that mechanical switch and allows me to adjust every aspect of volume control. Been looking for an app like this for well over a year! It also looks great! Thanks developers! Keep up the good work!
    2024-06-12 20:48:03
  • I often find it easier not to use the actual buttons on a phone. I prefer double tap to wake screen (especially when phone is sitting on a desk) so this app allows me to swipe from near the volume buttons to open the volume controls. And there I see all the different volume settings including brightness settings and other shortcuts for screenshots and even any app I want to launch. And even a button to switch screen off (once again avoiding the physical buttons)
    2024-06-12 06:37:19
  • Really awesome app. It has preloaded styles and we can also customize it ourselves with icon styles, thickness, length, design. So many choices!! That also with so much less MBs. Only 4MB and thats very fine. It would be nice if you can make the color option free and increase the app MB in its place. Overall its a wonderful app. Keep it up!
    2024-06-11 19:02:29
  • Alot of well made design pre-sets to choose from -- both basic free ones and then some premium/more intricate options for a few bucks available. After you have found a good design style there also is all the customizable settings you would need to tweek the appearance and optimize it for your personal preference. I am impressed with this app, there obviously seems to be a lot of work and dedication put towards it and it honestly shows. Kind Regards
    2024-06-11 11:17:29
  • It used to be good, but sadly one star is the best rating I can give this app, it has become unusable. Everytime I press my volume buttons it won't do anything at all, not even change the volume. Even the slider won't work. Sliding it to a desired volume will just reset and no volume has been changed. I really do fascinate this app, but please fix this bug.
    2024-06-10 10:18:54
  • This app was a lifesaver. I instantly hated the new slide in the UI 3.0 update and this fixed returning it to the top where it belongs. My only suggestions are this: add sliders to control the horizontal width and vertical position of the bar. It looks fine in portrait but when in landscape it goes across the entire screen and touches the top edge. It would be nice to reduce the width and move it below the curved edge on the S10+. Also a way to remove the two icons below the slider.
    2024-06-09 23:39:54