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Why most students struggle in essay writing?

Most students in educational institutions dislike writing. It is surprising as writing constitutes a major chunk of academic life. Whether it is essay writing, assignments, dissertation discussion, creative writing or any other form, you can’t succeed in your academic life if you keep avoiding the writing-related tasks. The reason for the hate is that students find writing as a tedious and time-consuming task. 

However, the reality is otherwise. Writing is fun. It doesn’t take much time if you know the art of writing. If students want to solve the difficulties they encounter while writing, they first need to find out the root cause of it. In today’s article, we try to find out the primary reason why students struggle in writing.

Losing hope

As with any other skill, writing also requires time and practice to master. The problem with most students is that they don’t have the patience to learn the craft. They are disheartened the first time they fail in their assignment or essay writing tasks. Keep writing patiently and you will see the results sooner than you think. 

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure hinders the progress not just in academic life but also in other aspects of life. 

Students panic even before starting to write. How will I complete the word limit? What should be the structure of the essay? What is the objective of this assignment? How to Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter and a billion other thoughts wander through the mind of a student.

One should not panic when these questions arise in mind. Instead, think about their answers with a relaxed mind. The answer to these questions is straightforward, provided one is willing to find them.  

Lack of vocabulary and grammar writing skills

Having a deep vocabulary and familiarity with the grammar are the two secret sauces to succeed in the field of writing. Most students make the mistake of just learning vocabulary, which isn’t enough.

Poor ideation

Ok. So you have developed a rich vocabulary. You are also deeply familiar with the grammar rules. You take a sip of coffee, open Microsoft Word and are about to begin writing an essay. Fifteen minutes down the line, you haven’t written a single word.

What went wrong?

The problem was that you were not able to gather your thoughts. You failed to decide what to include and what not to? Brainstorming on a given topic is an art that many students lack. You might be having excellent English writing skills but may still struggle to generate ideas for writing on a given topic.

The solution for poor ideation is to read a lot. Read on the topics on which you will be supposed to write during your academic career. It will help you analyze the sentence structures. Also, you will get an idea of what information the writer has included. All this will help you to enhance your ideation skills.

These were some of the problems due to which students struggle to write a first-class essay or dissertation paper. You can get rid of them quickly. The only condition is to work on them with sheer focus. Nothing will change overnight, but if you are consistent, you will see the results sooner than you think.


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