Top 4 Strategies for Your Smartphone

Top 4 Strategies for Your Smartphone

Are you tired and just want to relax or wait in a long queue? Then your smartphone is your solution. With it, you can play NZ slots for real money or these great mobile strategies.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

This strategy is in the best traditions of Clash of Clans, but with a historical bias. The player gets a settlement on the global map, which will have to build up and develop in every way. No isolated battles on individual maps – the troops march and fight in real time, and the camera is free to move from a bird’s-eye view to a distance that allows you to distinguish the uniforms of soldiers.

Leading the army in battle real historical figures, among whom you can meet Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Sun Tzu and many others. They differ not only by name, but also by talent trees, pumping as you conquer. Explore the world, team up with other players, intrigue and fight – Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is full of possibilities. And beautiful graphics have not forgotten to screw.

Last Empire – War Z

If you think that games about zombies are only shooters, you are deeply mistaken, there are similar projects and strategies for Android. Fans of zombie apocalypse will find in Last Empire – War Z much familiar: extinct humanity, hordes of the living dead and a handful of human survivors, trying their best not to be eaten. As the game is a strategy game, you have to defend and build fortifications from above. And think carefully about what and where to build.

Zombies in the best traditions of the genre attack in large numbers, making the gameplay bright, dynamic and meaty. A separate feature of the game – the collective defense, where you can get a partner from anywhere in the world. Fighting with other survivors is also not forbidden, which adds to the happening on the global map spice.

Warlords of Aternum

Not everyone likes real-time strategy, many connoisseurs of tactics in pure form prefer turn-based battles. Warlords of Aternum is a fantasy strategy game where you take turns designed for such players. You have to build, explore, conquer and fight on a bright hexagonal map. Upgrading your army is an important element of the game. Starting with a handful of militiamen with pitchforks, the player will sooner or later turn them into a strong army of experienced knights with good weapons.

The composition of the army and features of each squad are customizable and directly affect tactical capabilities. And if you have a good army then it’s time to test it in action by challenging the green-skinned orcs that have multiplied in the vicinity. The most successful strategists will find glory and a place of honor on the general leaderboard.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Mobile RTS from the legendary Command & Conquer series of strategies continues the confrontation between the Global Security Council and the Brotherhood of Nod. The reason for the discord is the same – the mineral, which serves as the main resource for poisoning the planet. Players will face each other on a seemingly simple battlefield that has room for a bit of everything: an economy with harvesters that mine tiberium, simple construction, hiring a variety of armies, commanders and even weapons of mass destruction.

Command & Conquer: Rivals, of course, is far from a full-fledged strategy game on the PC, but it’s quite an original and addictive project, which you can feel and C&C fans, and those who do not cause the name of Kane nostalgic associations.

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