Why You Should Avoid Fitgirl Repacks Games? Exposed

Fitgirl repack includes malware and viruses too. Instead, every repacks games includes harmful scripts and files which basically targeted your C drive, where your OS has been installed. Recently I have downloaded about 5 games:

  1. Assassin’s Creed Origins
  2. The rise of the Tomb Raider
  3. Need for Speed Payback
  4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  5. GTA V

When I opened the setup of the fit girl repacks, it automatically creates an unknown malware file on the C drive. To check the location of the file:

Step 1: Go to your C drive, Where your OS has been installed.

Step 2: Then click on the user folder, Inside of the folder, click on the account which you are using currently.

Step 3: Then go to the AppData which is a hidden file, if it’s not showing on your list then unhide that file.

Step 4: Then go inside of the local folder, All the inside folders are hidden, You can unhide it through the control panel.

Step 5: Then click on the temp folder, here is the location of that unknown harmful files, If you want to verify that you can scan each file of that folder on the VirusTotal website.

My Experience on these repacks

I began to use fitgirl repack video games. I Installed Far Cry New Dawn, DMC HD Collection, DMC 5, and probably half a dozen other games from her website and not a single pack has ever worked correctly.

They always say they’re missing files on install, have major sound issues, and half the time just crash instantly. I’ve never had a problem downloading the games from other people who release them but hers literally never work properly no matter what I do.

FitGirl Repacks is a Fraud

Compatibility mode, installing with no antivirus, making an exception for the files, nothing fixes these issues and it happens with every single pack she puts out. I can download a CPY release and it works flawlessly, download the same game from fitgirl and it will fail completely. The hassle with their repack is that they take a lot of time to install. Running Windows 10, 64 bit, RX 480, 8 GB Ram, Ryzen 5 1600 six-core. I have more than enough space on my hard drive but it always creates a not enough memory issue.

FitGirl Repack Game installers Contain Viruses

Recently we have seen an emerging trend among malware distributors – Bitcoin miners being integrated into installers of game repacks. This type of system hijacking is just one of the many ways to exploit a user by utilizing their system’s computing resources to earn more cash. Malware is easily bundled with game installers that are then uploaded and shared with unsuspecting users using torrent download sites. Once a machine is infected, a downloaded Bitcoin miner silently carries out mining operations without the user’s consent.

We have seen this technique used by Trojan: Win32/Maener.A. This threat is dropped by TrojanDropper: Win32/Maener.


What is a FitGirl repack?

So when you have a game’s install files, you have many different elements, which everyone may not need. You’ll have your textures, your sound files, your models, and so on.

Now, if I’m downloading a game, I may not need the 4k textures, because I can only run it up to 1080p. Or I won’t need the Spanish and German language packs.

Fitgirl separates all of these into optional pieces and uses compression algorithms to reduce the size further. You get the same game, but you can cut the fluff and slim it a bit to make for a smaller download. You pick and choose the relevant pieces, and ignore what you don’t want or need.


FitGirl is NOT a scene group that cracks games. It is absolutely one character that repacks video games in a really, truly wonderful way.

Some of the Positive points

She is surely precise at game repacks and makes it truly easy to download cracked PC games. What repacking does, is remove records that are not required for the game to run – for example, she removes voiceovers and languages which the participant would possibly not need and allows the player to choose which language he/she desires to download.

This excessive compression subsequently permits users to download the video games in a tiny smaller file, for this reason saving time and bandwidth. The downside is that the game installation because of a lot greater time and resource-consuming, but for most humans, it is well worth as long as the game is properly downloaded.

You can discover many of FitGirl’s repacks on GameTrex if you are fascinated in seeing what all the buzz is about. I would link to her internet site as nicely but I comprehend that can motive prison problems as it is extraordinarily popular. Hope this answer is helpful!

FitGirl is a re-packer of cracked Games

A repack, as recommended by the title is a repacked version of commonly a game that is cracked. Re-packers change the installation time of the cracked game and/or compress it so it can be downloaded faster. For eg. FitGirl generally separates language documents into repacks so that users can pick only languages they need. This reduces the game’s size on the disk for downloading as properly as putting in through a big measure.

Is Fitgirl clearly a girl? (that repacks games)

fit girlNo, it’s a business enterprise which cracks and repacks said cracked video games to be got through questionable sources. Other picks (not that I recommend the use of them) are Skidrow, The Sexy Dude, and Black Box.edit: in accordance with commenters, yes, there’s a girl at the back of the repacking wizardry that Fitgirl does. Also, it’s first-class to buy games as they are sold via the devs.


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  1. Funny, I have always downloaded Fitgirl and have NEVER had a trojan or malware detected. The only repack I have had anything detected was El Amigos and it was a bitcoin miner. I was able to easily remove it fortunately.
    Also, I don’t trust anyone who has to go to a site called, “VirusTotal to check for malware. Seriously, that’s amateurish at best.

  2. I have been and keep downloading/using Fitgirl repacks, and all of the games i have dl’ed were working fine. I have a slow assed pc (G4560, 8gb and GTX1050Ti) and yet I have no problems playing the games from FG, of course I see to it that my pc can handle said games. I do not believe that FG’s repacks contains mining scripts.

  3. Well this makes sense. I’m actually installing FitGirl’s repack of Assassin’s Creed Origins RIGHT NOW (Oct 16, 2019 3:07 AM) and I noticed a program that takes up my CPU usage a lot. There is also another “csrss.exe” running in my task manager. The original “csrss.exe” must be located at Windows>System32 folder ONLY but when I open the file location of that another one, it is located at Windows>rss folder. Another one appeared in my task manager is named CloudNet which I cannot uninstall even from the Control Panel. When I attempted to uninstall it, it showed a command prompt with which I think (I’m not sure) russian words in red font.

  4. I found that after downloading fitgirls games, my fps on bf5 went from 100 to 30fps and the only way i managed to fix it was by installing malwarebytes and then my fps returned to normal.

  5. I know for a fact she has script/crypto miners and viruses in her repacks…Ive found them myself. anyone that thinks otherwise is paid by them or just utterly fucking retarded.

  6. Seems all the hateful comments here are from those who are guilty of this and are from fitgirl. FUNNY! PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS MAN AND DO NOT USE THEM!!! Trust CODEX, CPY, SKIDROW, FAIRLIGHT etc. NEVER TRUST A REPACK!!!

  7. Downloading DIRECTLY from FitGirl’s LEGITIMATE PAGE/WEBSITE has never caused a problem for me, maybe check where you’re actually downloading from before spewing bullshit propaganda like this.

  8. I mean you,r points are horrible, ivebeen using fitgirl site 2+ years and i never had a virus , malware , bitcoin miners
    They have active community with ton of Donators and ton of good ppl.
    No one said they had virus,miners ect… at my point of view ur post has been boted with some fake comments and actual comments saying you are wrong..
    This is false and i trust fitgirl repacks because i never had an bitcoin miner, malware,virus,worm,trojan any other malware i think you are just paranoid or you just rivaled her repack site.
    I used malwarebytes to scan my temp folder and other files and it had 0 malware…
    And i see 0 point of puting malware and miners in temp folder because Windows automaticly cleans it after 30days or u can clean ur own temp folder…
    Common this post is false fitgirl repacks and her community is another trusted repacker same as rg mechanics and others..
    Thats why i support her..

    – Memeber of fitgirl repack Sociaty.

  9. The irony is that most of the “Malware”, be it Spyware, or Viruses found on these repacks aren’t from the Fitgirl repacking team, or from the team of crackers but from the production companies themselves as a means of deterrent if someone manages to crack their copy protection measures. It’s almost like a literal Trojan Horse horse, with a Pandora’s box inside. You get through the first layer and it activates, and ends up releasing it’s disease into your PC.

    Blame the publishers, not the repack team or crack team.

  10. Fucking lol, a slew of positive comments all made on the same day minutes apart from each other. Google should be fucking shot for putting this as the featured result when searching fitgirlrepacks.

  11. “Please consider donating to help me maintain this site and seedboxes for my repacks. You may also donate not bitcoins, but your CPU power here, works just in a browser, no plugins or installed software required.”


  12. Maybe you need to learn how to properly deal with repacks. I’ve been using Fitgirl for years and have never once had a trojan, BC miner or malware. One bad repack which caused a BSOD but it was a driver issue.

    Dont trash Fitgirls reputation just because you are too incompetent to pull cracks right. Fitgirl is one of the ONLY resources on the web for repacks that isn’t trash.

  13. umm did u get those repacks from her site or else were? she says only get from her site.. Also i have used ur packs for few years never had a issuse. and one thing bout her repacks is the high compression, why dl a game at 50gb when heres could be 22gb.. never had a issuse installing a game and missing files. maybe update files and u wouldnt have that issue, and for u saying u install a codex game with no issuse she usees that as a base and does a high compression on it. love how u didnt mention any of that at all ( not surprised u pick and choose what suits ur topic )

  14. Reported to Google for unprofessional journalism and your own bit of frauding. Just because you don’t understand the technology behind these repacks doesn’t mean that they’re a virus out to destroy your computer. Yes, your anti-virus will pick them up as one, BUT it does that with any cracked software you use which you would know if you weren’t busy having Boomer-type kneejerk reactions to everything.

  15. This is a BS article. Fitgirl is probably the most trusted repacker/uploader in the scene. I almost exclusively use fitgirl repacks if I’m sailing the high seas, and I have never, not once, had a detection from windows defender or or Malwarebytes that wasn’t a false positive. You seem to have exposed yourself to be some SHILL for some agency relating to the software industry.

  16. The bitcoin mining could explain why the repacks on the 2033 redux and last light are really taxing on my machine. With a 2080ti my pc was squealing from overload on these two games. Whereas official versions and even a 300+ modded fallout 4 it was quiet. Never considered that those were doing more than running the game.

    1. if they had miners installed do you really think they would only run while the game installed? they could have 100000 ppl download games and not make any money that way. Mining present day with a high end card NONSTOP for a month will generate about 10-15 bucks in crypto. Running for an hour for each download would generate fuck all. God you ppl are stupid. Aldo cracks often come upon anti virus that doesnt mean they are a virus.

  17. 1) Searching fitgirl repacks on duckduckgo brings up several different domains(I don’t personally know the official one). This means the problem could easily be user error by downloading from a fake mirror site. For example, one has Prisoner Architect as the latest repack, while what I think is the official site has 2 more repacks after that.

    2) Use network monitoring software like GlassWire(free version available). Everything that uses your network through your computer will pop up.

    3) Many cracked games return virus/trojan results. This complicates matters for people unfamiliar with their sources.

    Good luck out there.

  18. The person(s) that made this article are fucking retarded. Spend more time learning about what you’re fucking doing and how to do it correctly than spending time writing misguided dumbshit articles that contain bullshit and ignorance. Holy shit.

  19. This is the most uninformed, biased article ever from a site which FREQUENTLY allows links to fake APKs that are riddled with spyware. The only thing “exposed” here is how much of a jackass the writer is.

  20. In case you want to know which one is the real fitgirl site, they got this:

    Special note about imposters
    This site, is THE ONLY official site of my repacks. Every single FG repack installer has a link inside, which leads here. ALL other “mirrors” (,,, etc.) are fakes, made to infect you with malware, show you tons of ads and get your money as donations. Don’t fall for them during your google sessions, just bookmark (CTRL+D) this site and come here directly.

    Pls dont get scam out of your own stupidity then blame someone else

  21. Just clicked on this link thinking it would be a fun read, and boy. It was a fun read.
    This article really convinced me. It convinced be that you have zero clue about what you’re doing, and what you’re writing about.

    Almost all cracked software will report a malware. Either the people who cracked it put it there, or it’s a false positive. You just said that FitGirl is not a crack scene, so why blame her website for these reports?

    And you obviously have no idea how to troubleshoot FitGirl repacks, YOU can install her repacks with no compatibility mode and AV turned off, it’s just advisable to turn them off like any other cracked software.
    Most of the problem you said can be fixed by following her FAQ page. Limit RAM Usage (slower but more stable), repack missing files, rehash.

    Can’t even read this article without disabling adblocker. Pfft.

  22. Some of the bullshit comments are posted by employees of fit-girl. I appreciate the site owner who still enabled comment section of this page.

    1. Fitgirl doesn’t have employees you cum stain. They have tons of fans because their shit works great and saves space while auto installing cracks and whatever else you want/get with the releases. Sorry if it’s hard to comprehend that people like convenience and owning their stuff.

  23. I actually don’t mind giving the developers money if I like it, but uh, yeah. I like owning my shit without DRM dictating when, where and how I can play it. Fuck off. Fitgirl has worked great and I have a backup of every steam game I own via repacks… that I care about, anyway. Sounds like you hit up the fake FG sites and downloaded malware, too bad. I just grab mine mostly off Gazelle Games.

  24. You used the fake websites (,,, etc.)
    They contain a cluster f*ck of pop-ups ads.
    Mate, you got played by imposters

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