Scopa (Broom) and Brisca


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Scopa (Broom) and Brisca

App ID tk.app66studios.scopa
Size 24.8 MB
Version 1.134
Updated 2022-02-01
Developer app66studios

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Scopa is the popular Italian card game played with a 40-card deck.
You can play against a friend online or against the computer in offline mode. You can also play at 4-player tables by sitting at one of the free tables in the available rooms.
Ability to send text messages while playing.
General ranking.
No registration is required.
Get free coins every day. For each victory you receive coins.
Have fun and play Scopa free online.
The Scopa (broom) is not based only on luck: your ability and memory in remembering the cards played and predicting which ones the opponent may have in hand will make you win many games.

Each player receives three cards. The dealer will also place four cards face up on the table.
The player to the dealer’s right begins play. This player has two options: Either place a card on the table, or play a card to capture one or more cards. A capture is made by matching a card in the player’s hand to a card of the same value on the table, or if that is not possible, by matching a card in the player’s hand to the sum of the values of two or more cards on the table. In both cases, both the card from the player’s hand and the captured card(s) are removed and placed face down in a pile in front of the player. These cards are now out of play until scores are calculated at the end of the round. If by capturing, all cards were removed from the table, then this is called a scopa, and an additional point is awarded at the end of the round.
After all players have played all three cards, the dealer deals out three more cards to each player, again beginning with the player to their right. That player then begins play again. No additional cards are dealt to the table. This process is repeated until no cards remain in the deck.

After the dealer has played the final card of the final hand of the round, the player who most recently captured is awarded any remaining cards on the table, and points are calculated for each player or team. If no team has yet won the game, the deal moves to the right. The new dealer shuffles and deals the cards as described above.
If you like playing a free card game online, Scopa is the game for you.

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