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CBD Oil For Dogs: What Makes It Great

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When it comes to cures, nothing beats nature as the source. It is one of those aspects of life that we can never just escape since it is a part of both culture and tradition. Even though the world has not been kind to herbal medicine, it is still one of the leading sources of any medicine across the world. The influences of Chinese and Indian medical practices can still be seen today. For this reason, it is important to respect the reasons why they are still being used and question them without malice. 

We have mentioned that in the modern world, herbal medicine has been viewed with skepticism or disdain. It is most probably due to ads and “doctors” who would prescribe them for all sorts of diseases. The term miracle cure has been thrown around so many times that it has become a buzzword. It is crucial to distinguish a fraud over the truth, and these one-fits-all herbal medications are usually not the best for you. As with any other cure, there are only a few things that can medicate you, and this has to be specific to your condition.

The New Thing 

For example, one of the major topics that we have encountered in the past decade is the resurgence of cannabis-related products in the world. It is due to the changing perception of the plant, which was once called the devil’s weed. Now though, it has become one of the leading plants being consumed across America even though there are still states which do not allow its growth and sale. 

Other countries around the world still consider it illegal to sell or possess marijuana. Countries like China and Saudi Arabia also penalize those who are caught, often with the death penalty. The West, on the other hand, has become more accepting of the plant. European countries like The Netherlands started to introduce it to the public, while Canada here stateside just legalized it a few years ago.

Many people are starting to enjoy it, especially when medical marijuana became more available than the usual cannabis. It refers to hemp, which has more CBD compared to the classic marijuana that you might have enjoyed in the 80s. Some experts also say that it is safer as well since it does not have THC, which is the psychoactive part of cannabis. For this reason, it has also become popular with another crowd: pet owners.

You might be wondering where this came from, as it is still being tested on humans. However, its popularity has become rather astronomical that people are starting to do it on their own. Some experts have already weighed down on this and say that it can be beneficial to animals. It is especially more effective with mammals like cats and dogs, but most especially canines. They do have similar anatomical systems with us, and they can also take advantage of all of that cannabidiol.

Helping Canines

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  1. Pain

One of the most important discoveries that some people have shared online is that it can help with pain. Humans have already experienced this, but animals experience pain as well. It makes sense that it works best with dogs since they also have an endocannabinoid system that processes CBD easily. With just a few drops, it can help your furry friend go on with their life. It is usually given to those who have experienced surgery recently and need time to heal while still being rather active.

  1. Lethargy

Dogs also experience tiredness, even though some breeds seem to run on something magical to be able to run around nonstop. However, some animals can just experience tiredness from time to time, so they need energy. Some beliefs are running around that says CBD is just to keep you calm and asleep, but there are other strains these days that do the opposite. You just need to find the right products that have this strain so that your dog can enjoy it, too.

  1. Anxiety And Depression

It is a surprise to hear bundles of joy experience psychological problems like anxiety and depression. However, dogs can have these conditions depending on their environment and history. Most animals who have anxiety and depression were often abused, and they carried it over even after they were gone from those places. 

Cannabidiol can keep them calm and help them sleep since it still affects their sleeping. All you need to do is give them the right dose. Then you are all set for them to relax.

  1. Skin Problems

You can also use CBD as a treatment for various skin problems. As long as it does not bleed, you can apply CBD oil directly to the infected area. You can also invest in buying soaps and other cleaning materials that have cannabidiol in them so that it would be easier to administer the product. You can also experiment with others like lotions and ointments, which can work better with skin problems.

  1. Cancer

It is still being studied to this day, but there is potential in cannabidiol to help those with cancer. It is an anti-inflammatory substance, so it can help with tumors and the like. However, it is still a new concept, and some pet owners are still trying to see if it helps with cancer or only with the pain involved in the process. The scientists working on it are positive, though, that this potential can be developed over the years. 

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