A guide to anti-virus software for small businesses

 If you’re looking to keep your small business protected from malware and viruses, we’ve got you covered. Anti-virus software is incredibly important to businesses and for personal use. While you might think you’ve got nothing to lose, your computer actually hosts a huge amount of valuable data about you, your business, and your clients. A cyberattack or security breach can quickly lead to crucial data falling into the wrong hands. If this happens to your business, not only can it cause a whole number of legal issues, but it will also reduce a client’s trust in your services for many years to come. This guide is all about anti-virus software for small businesses in 2021. Let’s dive in.

No Business is Safe 

It’s easy to think that larger businesses are more likely to be attacked by cybercriminals, as they have more to lose. But actually, a study by Verizon found that 58% of victims of cyber-attacks were small businesses. This is likely because large businesses have a much harder firewall to infiltrate, and therefore hackers look to smaller, more vulnerable companies. Therefore, installing anti-virus is so important. 

Features to look out for 

If you’re on the lookout for anti-virus software, there are several features that should be included in even the most basic package: 

  • Firewalls for each desktop and server
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Malware (which is different from viruses) detection
  • An accessible control center for IT companies and managers

Certain brands include additional helpful features like password managers, which help employees safely store passwords without the risk of them being lost or discovered by other people.  

As well as anti-virus, VPNs are also something small businesses should consider. So if you can find software that provides a Virtual Private Network, this is definitely something to look into. A VPN will help encrypt employee’s data when browsing the web or accessing emails from home. 

If your employees access emails or data on their work phones, you’ll need to find an anti-virus software that can be integrated into these devices, too. It’s also worth making sure you find the software easy to use. That way, if something does happen, you’ll quickly be able to log in and get back up and running. 

Finally, you should look for a provider that has 24/7 customer support available. A virus can cause significant problems for your business, and being able to speak to a customer service assistant at any time of day, could be the difference between losing all your data and being successful in the future. 

Some of the largest anti-virus brands offer packages specifically for small businesses. This is really helpful as they offer services for a small price that can easily be budgeted into yearly accounts. Packages typically start from around $94.99 a year, with additional features costings more. 

Installing anti-virus software 

In order to make sure your anti-virus software is correctly installed, it’s best to call in professionals. While you might have installed software onto your own PC before, it’s unlikely you’ll have done so on several computers, servers at once, etc. Look into IT consulting Kansas City experts to help keep your small business safe and up to date with all the latest security. They can ensure that updates are completed regularly and that you don’t run into other problems surrounding your systems, which could affect the anti-virus. 

Act now 

If you’re currently working without an anti-virus, it’s time to act. Cyber-attacks can hit at any moment, and some small businesses struggle to get back on their feet after a breach. Therefore, getting set up with anti-virus and a designated IT company can really make a difference to your success.

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