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SpecLab (Спецлаб)
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App ID ru.goal.goalmobile2s
Size 63.9 MB
Version 4.127
Updated 2022-04-12
Developer SpecLab (Спецлаб)

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GOALmobile-2 is a universal decision for monitoring and management of object, which always with you. This technology functionally powerfully improves your cell phone. Now it becomes also the mobile video receiver. From any point of the world you will be able always to look through cameras and videos.

But, if the usual video surveillance requires you to constantly view the cameras, select the right cameras, the expected video downloads, etc., then in this case you can look at the cameras where events have just or earlier occurred . You just need to hold your finger on any of the videos.

Gm2 works on any, even a very weak network, both the Internet and mobile communications. Video does not swing constantly with the object, which usually turns the home. Somewhere in 0.1 MB each. If the day runs in just more than one megabyte, then in the wholesale companies all tariffs start with gigabytes – do not be afraid of overpayments.

At the same time, your phone turns into an event recording system. All key events are uploaded and displayed in the chronological order. Even if you steal the video recording system at home, its archival records will remain on your phone.

You do not need to connect anywhere, you do not need to search anything in the camera and trigger the sensors – all important videos will be displayed on your mobile device in their chronological order.

This does not require an immediate response, like a phone call. Depending on the category, they are either just written in the phone’s flash drive, or written with some notification of their arrival, or “shouting” about a serious problem, if there is every reason for believing that it happened. In this case, a person is not just not sure about the meaning.

In our world, it is always at the same time as an anarchist, a cat from a person, a draft from traffic, with a normal alarm, you will twitch at night, rushing into the car every time Alert comes. And Gm2 gives only a clear meaning of what is happening.

There are activities that only focus on the preparation of crime: the inspection of doors, windows, locks, ways to escape quickly … They are difficult to distinguish from ordinary life of ordinary people. But due to the employment of the hosts and the vastness of the archive, no one does it. Gm2 allows you to reduce the amount of money spent on a computer, while you are on the train, while standing in the line for help, in the restaurant while waiting for the ordered Lunch, etc.

Video events are written to the phone’s memory and displayed in a convenient way – by paging through the scenes. Depending on the capacity of the device, you can see clips or keyframes on one screen. And even in an ordinary phone climbs up to 2000 of the latest video. At the same time you can scroll through the videos, moving both to the past and to the future. The mobile application Gm2 displays only those records in which there is an alarm event defined by the analytics “Warning!” (AND) or other algorithms.

Gm2 – it’s convenient, you do not need to constantly look into the phone, do a lot of clicking on the video, spend a lot of time searching for the happening events in the camera, Gm2 Video. Fast and very convenient!

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This application works with Spetslab software –

Free downloadable part for Windows 10 can be downloaded here

What's new

Option to show cameras without video signal is added

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