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Squareroute Delivery Route Planner For Couriers
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Delivery Route Plan Multi Stop

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Size 9.0 MB
Version 1.2.6
Updated 2022-05-24
Developer Squareroute Delivery Route Planner For Couriers

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SquareRoute planner for deliveries de-stresses your day by optimizing your multi stop route, taking you to the exact addresses you are visiting in the right order. Square Route comes with a 7 day free trial with unlimited stops and unlimited optimizations with no credit card required.

Square Route is the only courier app to offer automatic optimization as you add your stops, so you can easily see the shape of your route as you add your jobs. Square Route is also the only courier app that allows you to define your territory to get more relevant search results and enter addresses quicker.

Square Route offers powerful route optimisation with no limit on the number of stops, allowing you to add all your stops even if on a busy 200 stop route. Square Route allows you to define service time, time windows, start and end location. Defaults can be provided for these in your profile to save time making the route each morning.

Square Route multi-drop delivery planner provides the most accurate address information available to provide address suggestions and also shows you the side of the road to depart from when approaching a stop so you can park appropriately.

Multi-stop route planning involves solving the traveling salesman problem which includes time windows and route optimization. Square route searches thousands of combinations of routes from a world-wide road network to determine the shortest route. This can save you up to one hour per day, with less backtracking and less time searching for front doors.

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