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Anime Twist Apk is specially designed for anime lovers and once the app is downloaded the users can watch a variety of animes on their cellphones.
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Anime twist is an online app available on google play store for android users to download. This app has got very famous among thousands of people from all around the world and has thousands of downloads since the day it has been released. This app was released in 2020. And it is a free category application. Any user having android 4.4 or above on their devices can download this app from google play store.
This app gets regular security and other updates in case of any bugs. This app is specially designed for the users so users give feedback in case of any bugs spotted in the app and the team sort that problem out in less time.

What is anime twist?

This app is specially designed for anime lovers and once the app is downloaded the users can watch a variety of animes on their cellphones. This app also provides complete information about the animes and new animes that are updated daily.
 This application will help users to select their favorite animes and let the users decide which anime they want to watch. The users can open my animalist for images and details of the animes. As the app gets regular updates, more exciting features are to be released in the future which will be exciting and the users will love them also. This application is an open-source application and holds a license with Gnu general public license. The users can have a look at the source from
This application is designed for the users to ease so it doesn’t include any kind of annoying apps, trackers or data collectors with respect to user’s privacy. This application is an unofficial client for Anime twist and it’s not linked, affiliated with anime twist official but provides users with a lot of exciting new features that will help them chose the best animes with a lot of information and the episodes that they want to watch.
This application got the latest update of 2.2.2-prod9 which includes security patches as well as other minor updates required.

User-Friendly Interface:

This is application is designed for the ease of the user so its interface is designed accordingly which is very easy to understand for all the users from all around the world. The interface includes the anime episodes to watch, the information about the animes and the category of top airing, hot picks, and top-rated animes so that the user can choose easily which anime they want the information about and which they want to watch.

Free to download:

This app is completely free to download for any user. The user just has to download the app from the google play store and click the download button. The app will be downloaded to the user’s device. Data charges or internet connectivity charges may apply but otherwise, there are no hidden charges or subscription charges to download the app and application is not paid at all.

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