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Thoptv is an android application through which you can watch live TV channels for free. Watching TV has been made easier with Thoptv as it’s for free and live channels can be streamed from across the world.
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Thoptv is an android application through which you can watch live TV channels for free. Watching TV has been made easier with Thoptv as it’s for free and live channels can be streamed from across the world. The limit of the channels available on Thoptv is massive as there are thousands of channels for you to choose from. Even the content for which you have to pay on other apps or services is free on Thoptv and you don’t have to pay a single cent to stream them.

Features Provided by thoptv:

Thoptv provides some amazing features to its users which have led to being the most famous mobile TV application. Some of them are written below:
Hundreds of sports channels available.

  • 300+ movies uploaded in the database.
  • Almost three thousand international channels are available for streaming.
  • Specific categories for different channels.
  • Option for making a list of your favorite.
  • MX player support for streaming in HD.
  • Cartoon channels for kids.
  • Free license app for android and PC.

Here is a brief review of some of the other features provided by Thoptv:

The friendly interface of Thoptv helps users to understand the app and how to use it. Because of this, users of any age can access the app without any difficulty.

Various type of content:

There is a huge variety of content available in Thoptv. From kids to elderly people, there is a lot of content to choose from.
Live streaming of channels:

Thoptv users can not only browse content like movies, sports, news, cartoons, etc but they can also watch this content live on different channels. There are lots of live channels available in different categories for different users. There are some of the channels available on the app that might not work.

Search box feature:

The search box feature allows the users to search for their desired content without any hassle. Users don’t need to look for the content they want to watch as they can directly search it from the search box.


With these features, Thoptv also offers a safe and secure environment. It is verified by google play services which allow you to not worry about security issues and enjoy your favorite shows.

Troubleshooting for ThopTV:

Using Thoptv is so simple but there might be some glitches that users face while using the app. To eliminate these issues, we are gonna elaborate some steps which will help you to use Thoptv without facing any problem.

The solution to these problems is for both PC and Android versions. You might face these issues before or after the installation but after following the provided steps you will be able to use Thoptv without any hassle.

How to fix the ThopTV source down issue?

While using streaming live channels or using other content on Thoptv, you might face the source down issue. You might be wondering that this issue is with your internet connection and you might be about to complain to your internet service provider, but however, that’s not actually the problem with your internet connection.

In most cases, it’s not your internet connection that needs troubleshooting but it is a problem with the app. 99% of the time it is the app that is causing the problem and not your internet connection. This is because there is some problem with the app. If you are using Thoptv outside of India then it is a common issue that you will face.

To solve this problem while using the app outside of India, you will need to install a VPN or use the VPN that you currently have on your phone and turn it on. After activating the VPN, open Thoptv and continue enjoying your favorite channels for free on Thoptv.
How to solve connection error issues?

There is another issue that you might face while using Thoptv which is the connection error issue. There will be a message shown on your screen:” No internet connection” or “Connection timeout”. To solve this issue for live sports matches, you will need to follow the method below.
When you are about to stream a live match, open the app right before 5 or 10 minutes if it. After opening the app wait for the match to go live and then you can enjoy live matches without any error.

Also, be sure to install the latest version of Thoptv. If you are using an older version, there is a chance that you will face these issues more than often. Uninstall the older version and install the new one to get a better experience.

After discussing all the features provided by Thoptv, there is no wonder why this application is the most famous for streaming live TV channels. It provides a user-friendly environment with tons of entertaining content for viewers of all ages. It surely has some problems which are being fixed by the developers but is overall a great app and is also verified by google play services.

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