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So.Fa.Dog OÜ
Aug 31, 2021
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so.fa.dog makes it easy and fun for video content creators to earn extra income.

Turn your viewers into paying fans & help out your favorite creators.

What’s so.fa.dog?

so.fa.dog is a passion economy platform designed to bring together video content creators and their fans. Our goal is to help creators monetize their content with paid subscriptions from their viewers, and reach a whole new fanbase.

While other platforms focus mostly on content monetization, so.fa.dog helps creators expand. Our network effect assists creators in scaling their brand and earning more for doing what they love. For fans, this means easy and immediate access to exclusive video content, and a chance to help out old and new favorites alike.

How does it work?

Download so.fa.dog, create an account, and start exploring! With a Content Creator account, you can start posting videos and earning money right away. Just set your channel’s subscription price, invite your fans to subscribe, and you’re good to go. We’d say it’s one of the easiest ways to make money doing what you love.

If you have a Fan account, subscribe to your favorite channels, and find new ones to follow with our Explore feature. You’re the one in charge, so top up your balance with coins to support the creators you love.

I’m a CREATOR. Why should I download so.fa.dog?

Reach new heights with paid subscriptions from your fans. Earn a passive income with videos your fans would love to pay for. With a subscription-based service, you don’t need to have millions of subscribers to monetize what you’re doing—even 100 true fans can provide a steady stream of income. Work from home or from wherever life takes you. Earning a passive income for doing what you love has never been easier.

I’m a FAN. Why should I download so.fa.dog?

Here’s your chance to help out your favorite video content creator. You can subscribe to their channel, and find new creators to follow. By subscribing, you’ll get easy and immediate access to exclusive, never-before-seen videos by the creators you love. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes fun, early access to must-see videos, or extra content created just for so.fa.dog, your favorite creator’s got you covered.

Not yet convinced? Here are some other awesome reasons to download the app.

so.fa.dog is one of the most exciting new apps to earn extra income off of what you love. We have lots of new features coming soon, so don’t miss out!
With so.fa.dog, you can work wherever, whenever. Creating and monetizing your videos is one of the easiest ways to make money, and also work from home.
While other apps that help you earn extra income are (mostly) about the money, so.fa.dog cares about your growth as well. Our network effect helps you scale your brand and grow your channel.
We’re not just another “influencer app.” We might not have all the answers to struggles creators may face, such as questions about which type of videos are best to help you start earning money. That’s why we’ll always listen to what you, our users, have to say. Whether it’s feedback or feature requests, we’ll always take the time to hear you out. We’re in this together.

Download so.fa.dog and let us know what you think! Start earning money—now.

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Aug 31, 2021

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