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Quran Majeed Omar Hisham Al Arabi Offline


Simple app that lets you listen to the Holy Quran
Quran Majed Full Offline
Apr 11, 2021
Smart Phone
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● This app is very important for all Muslims; with this app, you can listen Quran without the internet with the recitation of Sheikh Omar Hisham Al Arabi
● Quran Majeed is an excellent Quran app that beautifies your life with the blessing of reading and listening to the Quran on the go. offers complete Quran in the elegant Uthmanic script, and audio recitation
● Quran Karim Recitation Complete with Omar Hisham Al Arabi Audio (Works Offline, No internet required after installation)
● Al Quran Sheikh Omar Hisham Al Arabi is an App with complete Quran mp3 recitation.

al Quran App has the of features you can avail for Free :
◉ Listen to the koran in the background.
◉ Play audio surah without internet.
◉ Complete audio recitation of famous Qari (Sheikh Omar Hisham Al Arabi)
◉ Complete, scalable Quran with all diacritical marks
◉ You can repeat surah multiple times.
◉ Offline, no need for internet.
◉ Pausing for an incoming phone call.
◉ Auto-advance to the next surat.
◉ Stop playing when somebody calls you.
◉ You can share this app with your friends.

Why should we read and hear the Quran?
◉ Read koran Majeed every day, and your life and afterlife will be in peace, Inshallah.
◉ Reading the koran fulfills an Islamic duty.
◉ The koran will be proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
◉ The koran Karim will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.
◉ The koran is the key to peace and satisfaction.
◉ The koran Karim will lead you to Paradise!

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Apr 11, 2021

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