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pslove Period Tracker: PMS & Ovulation Calendar


Menstrual cycle calculator. Track flow & fertility, get insights & reminders.
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Sep 29, 2020
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100% free and ad-free!

☻ Accurate & reliable period prediction countdown
☻ Fertile window and ovulation countdown
☻Tracks your PMS symptoms, fertility, and feminine health: periods, blood flow intensity, sex, menstrual cramps, mood, bodily pains, discharge, abnormal signs
☻ Schedule period reminders & notifications
☻ Personalised tips & recommendations on how to manage your period symptoms & fertility
☻ Personalised insights from analysing your symptoms over your past cycles
☻ Discreet privacy mode to safely view your period calendar & countdown
☻ Google Calendar & iCal sync
☻ Absolutely free! No ads


Finally, an intelligent period tracker app that makes sense of what you track! Pslove Period Tracker not only accurately predicts your upcoming menstrual cycles & fertile days, but also analyses trends in your body. It’s easy to get on top of your health!

🔮 See the future
You can view your predicted periods and ovulation dates for months in advance. Using machine learning artificial intelligence, our predictions gets better over time to make the best calendar for women – the more you log, the higher the accuracy! If you’re trying to conceive, keep track of your fertility and find out when you’ll have a higher chance of success!

📅 Sync to your own calendar/planner app
Your period & ovulation predictions can be synced with your Google Calendar or iCal with just one button! See it together with events in your own calendar so you can easily plan your holidays, dates & other activities to avoid the worst time of the month. For example, schedule your glorious beach holiday when you are NOT bleeding or suffering from menstrual cramps.

🙋‍♀️ Get personalised insights
Based on your symptoms, we offer tips on how to prevent & manage your symptoms. We also look at your history of symptoms over the past few months to see how your body has changed. Gain more insights into your menstrual cycles and fertility!

💭 Don’t forget
Get reminders before your period & ovulation window arrives. You’ll never stain your undies or be caught without your trusty sanitary pads or tampons again.

Our brand new Privacy Mode makes it easy for you to view your period countdown, even in a crowded space! You will no longer be self-conscious on checking on your periods in public.

💃 It’s easy
Our beautiful user-friendly design interface makes tracking your period, checking on your fertility, and viewing your insights fuss-free & enjoyable. Just look at those waves on the home screen!

About us:
We’re pslove, a feminine healthcare start-up born and raised in Singapore. Our mission is to power women through their feminine cycle by creating innovative, data-backed insights & products. We started out producing heat pads for pain relief, MenstruHeat, BackHeat, NeckHeat & KneeHeat. This app is our first foray into the digital world, and we would love to hear what you think! Send us your feedback & suggestions at help@getblood.com.

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