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Premom ovulation app has already helped over 3 million women get pregnant naturally by accurately tracking ovulation, fertility and pregnancy.

Premom uses data-driven analysis from ovulation test results (OPK), BBT, and period tracking to identify your most fertile days. The Premom fertility app helps families trying to conceive (TTC) fast or who want to avoid pregnancy safely.

Fertility & Ovulation Tracker Features:

Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Scanner
+ Scan ovulation tests to accurately determine the fertile period of your cycle
+ See your fertility window 5 days ahead of ovulation day in our ovulation calendar
+ Auto-sync basal body temperature with our smart basal thermometer to our BBT Chart
+ View fertility test results from ovulation, pregnancy and progesterone tests (PDG) on one fertility chart
+ Set reminders for ovulation, sexual activity, BBT, period tracking and medication
Premom, your reliable ovulation calculator & fertility tracker.

Money-Back Guarantee
Is this ovulation app free?
Premom, along with our best-selling Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests, has been proven to help thousands of couples get pregnant naturally. We guarantee to reimburse all of your purchases of Easy@Home or Premom ovulation and pregnancy tests and basal thermometer after 9 pregnancy test cycles. This ovulation tracker, period tracker and fertility app is free to use!

+ Users achieve a 166% higher pregnancy rate according to studies from our program.
+ After trying to conceive for 6 cycles, get a free virtual consultation with a fertility expert

Period Tracker & Menstrual Cycle Calendar
Want to know when your next period is? Our app makes accurate period and cycle predictions even for irregular periods. Regular monitoring of your period is helpful for women of all ages. The perfect period tracker even for teen girls who are going through their first cycles. As a modern cycle tracker, clue in to your period, and track your cycle symptoms like period blood flow, spotting, PMS symptoms, moods and pregnancy symptoms. Download this free period app. Get accurate period predictions for future cycles!

+ Menstrual cycle and period diary to track your period, flow intensity, medications, ovulation day, fertile window (fertile days), insemination, and cervical mucus
+ Record over 30 PMS and ovulation symptoms and set follow-up reminders for period, ovulation, PDG and BBT

Due Date Calculator & Pregnancy Tracker
+ Upload pregnancy test and calculate your due date
+ Track your pregnancy week by week to follow baby’s development

Daily Content by Medical Experts
Premom is constantly creating up-to-date content on the topics of fertility, pregnancy and women’s health. We offer over 200+ videos and articles written by healthcare professionals.

Support Community in the App
Premom is an ovulation & period tracker, it is also a place to meet women getting pregnant naturally or through IUI or IVF.
Trusted by thousands of women who monitor their ovulation cycles for natural family planning. Connect and get help from real women who are TTC, birth control, pregnant, and moms. Get advice and answers to your questions from our experts on topics related to fertility and women’s health.

Download our fertility and ovulation tracker and increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Premom is proven to help you meet all of your family planning goals with our Menstrual Calendar, Ovulation Tracker and Period Tracker.

From period to pregnancy tracking, whether you want to set reminders to take birth control or get ovulation day notifications, Premom is designed to help you stay informed and make empowered health choices. Download this fertility app chosen by women daily to be their Period Tracker, Ovulation and Pregnancy app.

Questions about your ovulation cycle or your period tracking? Contact [email protected]

Note: Premom app should not be used as a contraceptive

What's new

Premom is constantly providing updates to further improve your fertility experience, helping you get pregnant quickly and naturally.In our latest release:-Premom is now compatible with more thermometers!We thank you for choosing to use Premom! We look forward to hearing your feedback as that’s what keeps us motivated to make Premom even better. Feel free to leave us a rating and review.

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