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prayer time ( Salaat First )


Application of prayer times and ears without Net Prayer Timings
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Jun 28, 2021
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Application of prayer times and ears
Application of prayer times is a simple application to remind the times of prayer and has many advantages .
Remember it below, do not forget, ” ان الصلاة كانت على المؤمنين كتابا موقوتا ” .

– Functionality of the application:

• Prayer time alerts, with the possibility of choosing the voice of the adhaan for each
prayer separately
• A reminder before the date of the adhaan, with the possibility of choosing a date for
reminding each prayer separately
• Ability to switch to silent mode after call automatically
• Locate the GPS, or manually search through the list in more than 40,000 cities, or online.
• Automatically update the site in the background, to get the exact timings without having
to manually update it.
• Prophetic traditions taken from Saheeh al-Bukhaari.
• Compass to determine Qiblah direction.
• Monthly schedules
• It is possible to modify prayer times manually.
• View the prayer times in all countries, depending on the location system, whether online or without. The application displays the times of the five prayers Fajr, Sunrise, noon, Asr,
mqghrib , dinner
• Supports prayer times currently around the world and please email us if you do not want
to find your city within the application
• Alerting the times of prayer either by choosing full ears or only by choosing a warning
that alerts you to the time of prayer
• Support for daylight saving time and winter time
At every prayer time the device will be with the ears
• Multilingual: Arabic, English and French .
•telecharger salat horaire de priere maroc

-Methods of calculation in the program:

– Umm Al Qura University
Moroccan Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs maroc adan salaat First maroc
– Islamic world Union
– University of Islamic Sciences in Karachi
Egyptian General Survey Authority
Islamic Union of North America
– Union of Islamic Organizations in France
– Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait
– Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments of Algeria
– Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs
– muslim prayer times azan
– telecharger salat horaire de priere maroc

– All countries for prayer times, azan and qibla direction and the following countries for the search of mosques: Kingdom of Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Gulf countries, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and all countries of Aruba, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, the Netherlands adan prayer time qibla… and all the countries of the world.

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