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PractiScore is a complete scoring system supporting several types of competitions, including USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge, 3Gun, and IDPA matches.

See our new PractiScore Competitor app. Search, download and analyze match results on your phone or tablet!

PractiScore has been extensively used for club matches as well as state and area matches with several hundred competitors.

Features include:
– match can be configured, stages created and shooters registered on a tablet or phone without need for PC or connection to internet or any web site
– easy one finger scoring, simple and quick to use
– easy competitor registration with memory of shooters for less typing
– import shooter registrations from CSV file or from
– score summary view for paper backup
– instant stage and match results
– multiple squad support (any number of squads / shooters)
– WiFi syncing of scores and match definitions between devices
– instant e-mail of match results from the device
– instant posting of match results to
– export results to EzWS, WinMSS and RangeLog

You can contribute translations to other languages at

Any feedback is welcomed. Please email us at or submit issues and enhancement requests to issue tracker at

What's new

Several improvements and bug fixes
The full change log can be found at

Bluetooth and location permissions are added for external device connectivity.

You can import match results into PractiScore Competitor app for a more detailed comparison and analysis.

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