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Mahabharat is an animated Indian mythological drama film. The longest epic of Indian mythology is Mahabharata, the story of Kauravas and Pandavas. This is a very well known story to all Indians as to how brothers conspire, fight and succeed in acquiring the kingdom. This can be briefly said as a story of good winning over bad. Kauravas playing the bad here are 100 in number and Pandavas playing good are 5 in number. Lord Sri Krishna stands on the side of good and drives Pandavas to victory and Sakuni stands with Kauravas who with his crooked plans help the Kauravas in bad. Karna, who is an elder brother of Pandavas put away by their mother Kunthi grows up and joins the team of Kauravas as a major strength. The whole story revolves around how Kauravas try to put away Pandavas from ruling and how Pandavas get back their kingdom beautifully mixed up with great and interesting episodes.

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