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Free Movies on YesMovies, Alternate Sites & Proxy List

YesMovies Website / App Review, Proxy List & Alternate Sites

Most people watch movies, TV series on the phones and in the computer because there are so many websites and apps on android phones, where you can find everything. 

A large amount of entertaining content is available in one App or in one website, here is the big Advantage for the viewers. 

Yesmovies App and website is one of them. YesMovies App is one of the best App and websites, where you can find and watch all movies, TV shows, and drama serials. 

People in every part of the world watch movies and dramas. We all know that movies are the type of entertainment way to have fun. Some peoples watch comedy movies because those types of movies make the reason to laugh. Movies and drama serials make you feel relax and at the same time, it makes you feel more excited. 

Yes!Movies App and website provide you with the biggest platform, where you can watch online and download Thriller, Science Fiction, Romantic, Adventure, Horror, Action, and comedy movies. 

What is Yes!Movies…? 

YesMovies is one of the best websites, I ever have seen, here you can search and watch all latest and old movies. This website offers you a variety of movies, documentary and TV shows. It provides you the movies on different various categories like comedy, Action, Genre, Animation, Adventure, Crime, Biography, Family, History, Kanfu, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Mythological, Psychological and more and more.


And you can also be getting updates about upcoming movies and TV serials. The best part of this website is that it prefers you to watch newly launched movies. Believe me, if you download and visit their website, so you will get the best experience. This website and App are also known as the App of /website of entertainment. In this App/website you can watch all the entertaining shows, the most vital thing about this website/App, you will not ever be disappointed after watching this. 

Let YOU Know About the YesMovies 

Usually, we watch movies in the theatre and we all know that it is a completely different experience. We know that we can’t go and watch every single movie in the theatre. Because it costs a lot and we can’t afford it. 

And those who watch movies have the same desire that they can watch movies as soon as it released. There are some websites which provide you with a huge collection of movies. YesMovies is one of them, it is a cool website where you can easily download free movies in high picture quality. One of the best future of this App and website is you can use this App without any cost. In this App, you can find and search all the movies and drama serials in a second with the help of a search bar. 

The huge amount of categories of movies available in YesMovies. The most popular categories of movies are shown in the below list: 

  • Latest Bollywood movies 
  • Hollywood dubbed movies 
  • Latest Punjabi movies 
  • Old Bollywood movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • South Indian dubbed movies 
  • Animated movies and etc… 

It doesn’t matter that the movies and TV serials are old or new. YesMovies is known as the offering new movies free of cost. When the new movies released there is a possible chance you can find it on this APP / WEBSITE. This website provides you with the latest and older movies, TV series, and even the full version of programs for your Laptop, PC, Android/I-Phone. 

In my opinion, it is like a full entertainment pack. This website not only provides you with the link to download but also gives you the latest upcoming movies trailer. Yesmovies gives you the freedom to use their website and watch movies freely. Here is the link you can check it out: https://yesmovies.ag/ 

Yesmovies Proxy & Mirror Sites:


Top 12 Best Alternative apps to YesMovies:

Are you a user of yesmovie app but are looking for best alternative apps with the similar features? Yesmovies is a free online streaming and download site that offers movies, TV shows, TV series and articles. Launched in 2016, it has gained immense popularity due to its easy and easy-to-use design and large collection of movies and shows. There are thousands of free streaming / download sites and YesMovies.in is one of the best among them. Yesmovies is totally free. The user does not have to subscribe. Direct click and plays the model. The user also has the option to download their favorite offline viewing content.

Here are the best alternative apps to yesmovies having the same features and benefits:


StreamingSites.com is the ultimate website if you are looking for the best alternatives to YesMovies. It lists more than 440 websites and apps where you can watch the best free and premium movies & TV shows. All sites there are safe to use and are ranked by quality. You can read extensive reviews and save a lot of time. If you want all of the best movie websites in one place, look no further, Streamingsites.com is the answer.

(2) MoviesJoy:

MoviesJoy is another amazing application similar to yes movies for best movie streaming experience with no advertisements, for watching movies and TV series online without downloading in HD quality.

You are also not required to create any account or pay anything to view the movies. Not only does it feature top listed IMDB Movies, but it also allows you to sort the movies by their country and genres. Also find the search bar here as with other free movie streaming websites. All the newest TV show episodes and latest movies released are added ASAP. Another good thing, it has a number of video sources listed, in case of one server not being available in your country, you can use the others.

Website for it is: https://www.moviesjoy.net/

(3) YoMovies:

YoMovies is an app like YesMovies in many ways. It provides a user interface very similar to YesMovies. It’s not difficult to use, but it looks good and easy to handle. Besides, this website also offers options and other useful features to the user. Because of this, you will have a great experience while watching movies and TV shows using your link online. YoMovies allows its customers to stream movies and TV shows of thier choice with no limits. You can use this website to watch movies and TV shows up to 4K UHD. As well as the main library of the site it contains all the best documentation. Because of this, you can easily use this website on all your devices including mobile devices, computers, TVs, etc. As a result, you will have a very similar experience no matter what device you use.

Website: https://yomovies.co/

(4) FreeFlix:

A better alternative for Netflix is FreeFlix, it is the latest platform taking a lead in the streaming world. It also does not require you to create any sort of account or any type of registrations. By using the Filter Option, you can edit and sort movies according to your likes. One of the best features of Freeflix is that it does not bother you with unnecessary pop ups. It offers a various number of options to stream your movie, if one is not working, you can try the other two very easily. Currently, it has no Tv Series uploaded on the site, but soon it will be, as already mentioned above. This is the most suitable site for you if you are a crazy movie lover.

Website: https://www.freeflix.to/

(5) PrimeWire:

PrimeWire has returned with a better-quality version of itself, it offers you unlimited about of movies and TV shows and series that you can watch online, without any hassle at all. You are also not required to make any account, which is the best part. It also provides with a detailed summary of daily schedules of TV shows and series, you can also create your own playlist after creating an account and also be part of the forum to interact with other good movies. In addition, it provides with a large number of filters in order to find the movie of your choice. All the details you require about a certain movie are just one click away, like the date, stream, genre, streaming links etc. You can watch any movie by just clicking on the links mentioned.

Website: https://www.primewire.li/

(6) Xmovies8:

Xmovies8 is also mentioned in one of the sites which offer great online movies and show which are totally free and also without subscribing. To provide you with multiple options such as country, quality, subtitles, genre, best rated etc to browse movies. Just like all the movie sites, the interface works with certain ads and keeps you redirected to spam websites. Therefore, I would advise you to always use the certain ad blocker extensions added to your browser while using the movie sites for your our security.

Website: https://xmovies8.is/

(7) Putlocker:

If you havent got another good way of YesMovies until now, look up Putlocker. It is a great platform for watching free online movies and TV shows and without subscriptions. Movies are listed in a systematic way in order to get the movie of your choice easily. Advanced stages of species, the land, the IMDb Top, Television Series, and the list of A – Z. Alternatively, it also provides a bar where you can search for any movie. Under every genre, Putlocker provides with an unlimited amount of movies, it also allows you to view the trailer of the movie and show all the required information about the movie such as IMDb, the world, and the length of time, quality, and length etc.

Website: https://putlocker.vip/

(8) GoStream:

GoStream is a jampacked with the highest quality movies which you can watch without free download or any registration or sign-up. It has no unnecessary pop-ups or ads. It also lets you check out movies at IMDB rate, no. of viewers, genres etc. A bar is there for you to use it to search for your favorite movie. Additionally, it shows all the important details about the movie when you move your cursor to the movie icon. Also, it continues to update its movie details with new movies released. It is Only a movie-based site. So, if you are dissatisfied with the websites mentioned above such as YesMovies, you can go for GoStream.

Website: https://gostream.site/

(9) HouseMovie:

HouseMovie.to mentioned the following list of sites like YesMovies. Like other broadcasting platforms, and allows you to view the serial online for free without registering. The interface is organized as well as all the movies, it has many links. If the movie streaming does not start after the play button being clicked, then you can try another streaming link. It contains advertisements. Some links to stream may lose the job but don’t worry as it is already mentioned before that there are multiple ways to stream the movie. In addition, it lists the trendiest movies and also the up-coming ones. It is one of the best movie application containing full length and in-depth sports TV for absolutely free.

Website: https://housemovie.to/

(10) Yify tv:

Yify TV is one of the most famous places to stream movies and to watch online free movies. It lists movies according to their popularity, their release date, their categories. Alternatively, it provides you with a bar to look for movies with sorting by year. The interface used is systematic and relevant. Yify TV has a vast collection of movies from old movies to new ones. You can spend hours here watching your favorite movies without betting. No accounts are required to be made to stream any movie. It also provides with multiple servers to watch your movies online.

Website: https://ymovies.tv/

(11) SolarMovie:

SolarMovie is a popular streaming site but contains ads and pop-ups compared to other websites mentioned. But if other sites are blocked in your country or don’t work in your end then you can try this. Movie classification is done on the basis of genre, IMDB rating, and country. It also lets you watch complete movies and TV Series episodes without having to subscribe and download. Apart from this, it gives you many options for filtering a movie for your taste. Alternatively, there is a search bar too. Like other YesMovies alternatives, it also provides relevant information about the movie.

Website: https://solarmoviez.su/

(12) Flixtor:

Flixtor lets you watch the latest TV shows and movies online for free without subscription. It’s a very organized website with no ads and popups. Allows you to check out the most popular movies of the day, the most viewed movies, theaters, and your Flixtor recommendations. Flixtor gives you a premium streaming experience without having to take a single penny for you. In addition, it shows all the details about movies and TV shows and allows you to watch the movie trailer. Movies and TV shows show the quality is excellent. Here you can find all the movies from the latest rooms to the old films. I must say it is one of the best websites on this list of sites like Yesmovies.

Website: https://flixtor.ac/

I hope now you have found the best alternative site to yesmovies for the best movie streaming experience!

(13)Amazon prime:

Amazon Prime is the first best alternative choice to yesmovies to stream seasons, TV shows and movies online with a very good quality and ease promised.

In addition to watching movies, you can also save photos, read books and also listen to song. In my opinion, it is an all in one platform for entertainment. All members of the Amazon Prime receive some additional initial benefits such as a free 2-day shipping and delivery on the same day.

Alongside, Amazon Prime is also offering a completely free 30-day trial. So, get the app now to enjoy unlimited movies and Tv shows online for free.

Here is the website link of the app: https://www.primevideo.com/

To Watch Web series, TV Shows and TV Series Online: 

  • Trending Shows…
  • The Walking Deeds

About “THE WALKING DEEDS”. According to Wikipedia “The Walking Deeds” takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. 

The Zombies colloquially referred to as “Walkers”, shamble towards living humans and other creatures to eat them; they are attracted to noise, such as gunshots, and to different scents, e.g. humans. 

  • Number of episodes: 146
  • Number of seasons: 10

For more info, you can check this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_(TV_seri es) & You can watch all the episodes of season 1 to 10 by clicking this link: https://yesmovies.ag

Like that you can also watch these trending shows:

  • Mad Men 
  • Friends 
  • Doctor WHO 
  • West World 
  • Stranger Things 
  • Better Call Saul 

To Watch Movies:

You can watch these movies online and like that by clicking this link: https://yesmovies.ag/ 

  • The Fly 
  • I am Legend 
  • Resident Evil 
  • Blindness 
  • Avengers: End game 
  • Titanic 
  • Now you can see me 
  • World war Z 
  • It comes at night 

About Yes!Movies App:

Yesmovies is also available for Android phones / I-Phones in the App version. Like the YesMovies website, this App also gives you the freedom to watch movies online and download. Unfortunately, this App is not available on the play store but you can download it by the third sites you can download this by clicking this link: https://apkpure.com/yes-movies-online/devteam.com.yes movies 

You will follow this step after the Yesmovies App: 

  • Firstly you go to settings of your mobile phones then go to security and then go to unknown sources 
  • Then there is an option to allow permitting the installment of App from unknown sources “turn on it”. 
  • Then go and install YesMovies App after installment you can enjoy watching the TV shows & HD movies on your android phone.

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