How to quickly level up in World of Warcraft TBC for a beginner

Our article is for newcomers to World of Warcraft who want to get their account up and running quickly. Tips, tactics, where and how to develop your character is written here. World of Warcraft is a world-famous RPG. The action takes place in the fantasy universe of Warcraft. Each player uses their character to interact with other people and the environment.

It is usually not recommended to quickly boost their character for the beginners, because despite many positive sides of the boosting, a person who buys a boost does miss out on a good portion of game experience and fun. However, if you need a certain level urgently or you have created a new character and you no longer have the desire to go through the same places, buying a boost will get you the results.

Here we will look at how to quickly get to character level 60, which is the highest level available. This will take a lot of time and effort. You may not be able to overcome difficulties and do not forget that you can use the services WoW RBG carry. Boosting service for World of Warcraft accounts.

Small tips:

  • Fights. Bypass all battles that are not required to complete the task. It takes a lot of precious time to recover from a death.
  • Specialization. It is necessary to choose a specialization in which it is easy to cope with a bunch of opponents.
  • Play with friends. It is much more fun to play with them, but constant delays on someone’s side greatly slows down progress.

The main aspects for fast and successful boosting of your character. Quests

It is advisable to start with them. There are a lot of them in the game. The most profitable quests are usually located in a location that corresponds to your current character level.

Old tasks (gray and green) must be skipped, because they will not give you much experience.

Addons are your main friend. They highlight the necessary indicators on the map, indicating the number of quest items and the location of mobs and much more!

You should also know that if you go offline in an inn or a capital city, then the next time you start, you will receive more experience for quests and mobs.


Quests are often boring and to dilute the gameplay, you can kill a couple of three mobs on the spawn. Not a bad idea, but too much competition will only take time.

Killing other players on Battlegrounds or in world PvP is a viable way to level up your character.

We will discuss the battle arenas in more detail below.

Leveling tactics.

Different tactics are required for different levels, we divide them into three categories:

  1. Beginner (1-14 lvl);
  2. Adept (15-50 lvl);
  3. Professional (50-60 lvl).


Quests are simple, the experience of the game is brighter and more inspiring.

At lvl 10, you’ll choose the specialization as was mentioned above.

Consider joining a guild that has many experienced players. Here we can easily find partners, ask for help, and receive advice.

As mentioned earlier, before logging off, we leave the character in the capital or an inn to get an experience bonus.

All green items from mobs are put up for auction. By doing so, you will ensure that you always have plenty of gold to spend.

With these actions, we will lay the foundation.


Here we are pursuing another tactic with the help of it for a long time, we will not stay here, although it is here that the largest gap is.

We monitor the level of zones and quickly change them. If you see that you have reached a new level and you can go to another zone, then you need to do this as soon as possible. We get more experience there.

After level 25, you can sometimes start running into dungeons with a random group. There we get good experience for completing quests. But dungeons often take a lot of time, and this is not particularly suitable for us. Upon reaching level 30, we choose the second specialization.


We are breaking our heads and flying to Shadowlands. This is the best place to farm. For quests we get more experience, we knock out a decent loot.

Dungeon farming is a win-win option for gaining experience and quality loot. If there is a friend of the highest level, then periodically we take him and go through a dungeon in a couple of minutes.

We carry out tasks in the Maw and level our Covenant standing.


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