Fitify vs HIIT workouts: which app is better for your workout

Getting healthier and stronger at home can be daunting because there is no one looking at your personal growth. But, we are quarantining at the moment and while laying your hands on the best elliptical in 2020 seems apt, this is also the best time to stay active by making use of some apps that are high on motivation dose.

Some apps are incredibly helpful in offering monthly plans that guarantee a chiseled physique. From what you should eat to the type of intense workout that your body requires, these apps can easily cover everything that you like. 

Your phone is not just meant to keep scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed, but you can go beyond all this as well. Downloading workout apps with the music you like so you sweat right, will come in handy during this lockdown period. You do not have step out to do these workouts and they are easier to manage at home as well. 

Some apps can record what you are up to, while others deep delve in the subject of workout with versatile diet plans as well. With the right sort of workout apps to choose from, we are going to give you an overview of the two most downloaded apps, namely Fitify and HIIT Workouts. These two are bound to get your fitness game on. Choose the one that best fits your agenda and get started! 

  1. Why Download Fitify?

Who needs a gym when you can simply sit at home and workout at your own pace? Working out with Fitify is super simple, you can workout using bodyweight training. The app is really good at offering versatile workout options that you can do daily. Right from shoulders to back to legs, the app creates a gym aura at home and gives you a virtual personal trainer so you can work out peacefully at the comfort of your home.

The app also offers workouts and plans with fit tools like Kettlebell, TRX, and Bosu. It also offers the best bodyweight exercises, like abs and core, with legs and butt. It also has upper body exercises with Cardio, HIIT, and Aerobic. Furthermore, to start and end the workout on a healthier note, this app also offers warm-up and cool-down exercises with stretching.

What Does The App Have?

  1. Your Personal Trainer

Whatever workout you choose and decide a body part to work on, this app will let you choose a time and workout duration. You can enjoy doing it with high-quality video exercises that also have voice coach instructions in the background. 

  1. Calendar

If you have set a target of your workout, this app also has a built-in feature in it that will help you with daily notifications and make you work out with constant reminders. This will help you keep your work out game strong!

  1. You Can Get Custom Workouts

Because we all have different preferences and workout ideas, choosing the one you would love to do is made easy with this app with proper duration, rest intervals. You can challenge yourself with every training you choose to do daily.

These are some positives about this app. It makes your life super simple, with the workout you really enjoy doing. 

Coming to the HIIT Workouts app, here’s what it has in store to offer you! 

  1. What Does The HIIT Workouts app Do?

HIIT workouts as the name suggests is really helpful for people who like to do High-intensity workouts. Now that you are home and if watching the same dance videos, is getting on your nerves, gives HIIT workouts app a try. 

This app has its own perks. It gives an ideal workout time and the calories that you will spend on it. Which means, that you will be on track and would exactly know the calorie intake and loss on a particular day. 

What Does The App Do? 

  1. Major HIIT Workout 

Now, high-intensity workout is possible even during the quarantine phase. How, you ask? This app gives you the liberty to choose from beginner to high-level workout. Not just that, you can choose a different type of other workouts as well, like Tabata Body and Tabata Burpees.

The best part? It works with you even if you are a beginner or advanced level. It is easier than ever to use this app, look at the videos and workout simultaneously. 

  1. Calendar

The calendar feature in it, lets you store your data so you can achieve your target in a month’s time. Not just that, the app lets you feed in your data and when you achieve them, it rewards you virtually. Replacing your long cardio sessions with shorter and effective HIIT workouts will make you sweat and get your heart pumping.

Another good feature is that this app also lets you pause and play as per your will with apt breaks in each set. A person can easily workout during the lockdown with this app, without having to pay an extra gym membership.

If you really want to stop being lazy and get going, give this app a try. 

Final Verdict: 

Both apps are really helpful in their own ways.  HIIT workouts is all about doing a high-intensity workout in less time and get going whereas Fitify aims at keeping you fit, with versatile workouts that have different agendas, like weight loss, gain, etc. It completely depends on what your weight goal is. In either case, these are the two apps you can bank on, to stay active and healthy! Try it out.

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